Sonya (Sunny) Eicher - Whistling a Hymn

Have you ever heard a 'something'
That brightened up your day,
That made the little hard things
Just thaw and melt away?
There is a little 'something'
That strengthens me within;
It's the simple little tonic
Of the whistling of a hymn.

A mother worried for her child
Who was away at school.
She prayed he would not let the world,
And all it offered, rule.
She wondered if the truth he knew
Would keep him safe within.
She'd tears of joy when home he came
Just whistling a hymn.

Two brothers working side by side,
The world their spirits measuring,
Could scarcely realize the worth
Of what they both were treasuring.
But trials came, as oft they do,
And when they would begin,
Would be cut short and turned to joy,
By the whistling of a hymn.

So don't discount the 'little things,'
That come in unknown ways.
It could be that the 'little things'
Would brighten someone's day.
When nothing else has reached my heart,
All failed my joy to win,
It's been the simple tonic of
The whistling of a hymn!