Source Data of a Journal - 1940s

Source data for journal:


Mrs Fred Newman

Foam Lake

Box 193             







Ralph Newman told me this is Clara Manary’s initials. She seems to have been the original note-taker; however Ralph says the writing in the journal is his mother’s – it seems she transcribed these notes of Clara’s. Ralph said his mother could not have taken the notes of a “Convention out west” in 1927 or 28 as she and her husband had only recently professed (1927) and lived in Saskatchewan and did not leave there (for Steveston BC until several years later (1940?) Ralph’s mother and Clara were sisters.


Mrs. Fred Newman


B. C.




Pg 83 in journal


Died December 19, 1946             

Funeral of My Mother                            December 31, 1940

[workers at funeral included Jim Wright, Ruth Hagglund, Jim Wright]