Stan Chamberlain - Milltown II Convention - Evening Meeting, Friday, August 20, 2004

We should go to God for man, not man for God.  When God is working - we’re on-lookers.  We feel that.  We leave everything up to God.  Maybe we haven’t made a right beginning and the devil uses us.  But, now is the time to start and/or continue that path to God.  Even though you had no foundation - God can still speak with you for you to follow. 

John 14:6 and John 6:44, these are 2 very clear foundations.  “No man cometh to the Father except through Jesus.”  It’s not when you feel that the time is right.  We’re answerable to God no matter what life we’re living. 

You’re accountable for the life you live.  Acknowledge all our thoughts - that we’re without hope, even our kindest things and attentions; our actions or things that have never been expressed.  He will bring us to a place of repentance.  A complete change.  He’s seeking to draw us.  You could still have a good life and be satisfied, but still have things missing. 

Souls do not belong to God because God can stir up one’s heart.  He will draw men and women to themselves through Him.  This sincerity that we have, God will open up our hearts and in earnest.  Don’t let anything ever move you - even though it was done and it’s not with sincerity.  With speaking to God, you must be doing it sincerely and earnestly. 

John 17:3, “Life eternal that they might know the truly God…”  We want the change, Jesus will make in our lives before the grave.  Don’t always focus on eternal life, but how Jesus can effect our lives today… a purpose to life.  He offers things that will outlive this life.  He will change your life that is a better quality of life for the eternal.  (“… Eating My flesh / drinking My blood…”) 

Jesus showed that we could live in the world and even above the world.  “A dead fish goes down stream.  However, a live fish can swim against the current.”  Don’t be victims of the things of the world.  People who don’t know God are like the dead fish - just following along.  Sometimes people live so long in the dark - they forget what it is like to live in the daylight. 

Our heart is wicked.  People make decisions and they don’t know the results.  If you hear God calling, stop and listen.  Being moved to read your Bible is God awakening you.  God can deal with you then. 

When you feel you have a need (for prayer or for things in your life) - ask God about them.  Surrender!  The Bible can come alive when you pray (through prayer).  Let God work in our lives.  If you have learned obedience, it will make you submit to God easier.  The Lord makes life worth living…from eternity’s point of view.


Hymn 69, “To Whom, Lord, Shall We Go?"