Stanley Kamuti Njue - "God Answers Prayers" - 2006

My testimony is the work of God in my life, ” just as I am ,” a struggling soul for life and liberty. It has been to me one of the hardest things to talk about myself. Maybe it is because I don’t have a “glamorous” testimony like others. I really I don’t like talking much about myself. But sometimes people ask me to give my testimony and tell them how I happen to be in the company of God’s people today, for which I am very grateful. So I have given up and I will share it with you now.

In John chapter 1:45, we read of Philip finding Nathaniel and telling him “We have found the one Moses wrote about in the Law and whom the prophets also wrote – Jesus of Nazareth.” Did you find the truth or did the truth find you? We don’t find the truth. We could not have found the truth. We didn’t even know that there was such a truth. We didn’t know where to find it. It was the Lord that found us. Long before we ever groped after Him, the Lord was mindful. As a young man I wanted to be right with God, but I did not know how. I wanted to find God but I didn’t where to look for Him. I knew that God was everywhere but He was not in every thing. It was a desperate condition and I will never forget it.

I grew up a catholic. My mother was a good catholic, went to church regularly and so I did. In high school I was an altar boy. I was baptised, confirmed, and I even married in the Catholic Church. I went through all catholic religious rituals and traditions except CONFESSION. My wife and I went to church and helped there in what we could. We were just religious and lived what the church called a sanctified life. In addition to that, we also lived a dedicated life and up to every PENNY we could spare went to the church work. But in spite of our sanctification and dedication, I was not getting what the priest was talking about. I knew that the priest did not have it and we could have either. On one occasion in particular I asked the priest, “Why is it you stand and tell us about the wonderful promises of God from the scripture and what God can do for His people, why is it that these promises are not being fulfilled in your ministry, in our lives and in our homes?" He answered, “We are living in a different age and times have changed and perhaps we could not expect the same things today." One thing that perplexed me was that the Lord seemed to demand the same sanctification and dedication. If the Lord demands the same sanctification and dedication from His people today, why is He not prepared to gives us the fulfilment of His wonderful promises He has made? I began to see the confusion and darkness of catholic denominationalism and there was nothing to satisfy my soul. I also began to see that Catholics do not know God. They were far from God, far from the truth, and far from obedience of faith. I also saw Mohammedans in hundreds and thousands of them with no hope for eternity. Those of us who have had the privilege of knowing the truth have something to be grateful for. We have a treasure that we will never know the value of in this world.

In my effort to find God, I attended many different churches hoping to find something truer to the scripture. I got several disappointments with the way things were done, supposedly in the name of the Lord. I enrolled myself in East African School of Theology Nairobi, Kenya. Within a period of six months religious study, I was awarded three certificates. I knew that these to me were just mere papers. I also knew that a certificate or diploma in the pocket would never change a person. All that the diploma doe s is to give false preachers a passport into the society. I was the same person, having a form of GODLINESS, but, deep down in my heart, I was very empty. I then deserted East African School of Theology on realising that God was not there. Many people in the world today quote the scriptures but that isn’t the answer. It isn’t what they say, but what they do that would bring victory.

In my further effort to find God, my wife and I attended a marriage encounter course whose theme was how to know God, how live according to His plan, and how raise up happy children. I knew that if Christianity does not begin at home, it will never begin at all. I also knew that the gospel could only prosper in a country where there are stable homes. Stable homes are the stability of kingdom and the nation.

The catholic priests and marriage encounter coordinators were very religious, and there was no evidence in their lives that they knew God. There was no love, and no fellowship. There was only respect for persons. They exalted and uplifted themselves in pride. I saw their nakedness. I did not know of anything that would be worthy of in the sight of heaven than to be called a servant or a friend of God. There was a man sent from God whose name was John. How different from this world today? Men get titles “Doctor, father, or right revered’’ and all the initials after their names. These titles do not mean much. It is very much like the curl on a pig’s tail. It enhances the beauty of the pig but it does not improve the flavour of the bacon. John the Baptist was not concern about his name. He wanted people to know Jesus and the Lord for themselves. There is not anything more important than that, that we all would become acquainted with the Lord ourselves. David was called a man after God’s heart. Abraham was three times referred to as a friend of God. Moses my servant is dead. The greatest title is to be called a friend or a servant of God.

I began realise that different religions and the sects in the world are not of God and have no foundation in the Bible. It is something on the surface that appeals to the people. Big buildings and road shows and the further we go into it, the shallower and corrupt it all becomes. Christianity is a walking religion. Churchianity is a talking religion. It doesn’t take brains to walk. It doesn’t take money to walk. It doesn’t take education to walk. It just takes willingness. When there is willingness, we will follow the Lamb and people looking will take notice. When we supply the willingness, God will supply the power. I heard of a couple that passed neighbours every Sunday morning to a little meting. One day this neighbour asked them where they were walking every Sunday. It wasn’t so much what this couple said, although they gave their testimony, but it was their walking that triggered his question and this man and his wife are today in the faith.

I became more and more disenchanted with Catholic Church. 20, 30, 40 years, I had gone to church, and less and less I had in my life. One after another of our children went out into the world, into the darkness and I had nothing in my heart to give to them. All I wanted was what God was to His people in the Bible days. I was told that won’t work now. That left me with desperation. This is surely the experience for many of us. I prayed to God that He would show me His Way. The Lord sees, the Lord hears and the Lord undertakes and at the end of the year 1986, the Lord began to work. I came in contact with God’s servants. I was not invited. I saw the advertisement. I attended the first meeting and in that first meeting, I knew this is what I had been looking for over the years. I will never forget that.

God’s servant spoke about Naaman, a valiant soldier and highly regarded because through him the Lord had given victory to Aram. He told us how prophet Elisha cured Naaman of his leprosy, the amount of treasure he had carried converted to Kenyan currency that year was 18 million and how Elisha declined to accept that gift of colossal sum of money. “As surely as the Lord lives whom I serve, I will not take a thing.” He said that true servants of God do not take money in form of tithings. He said he had been in the work for the last 20 years without salary and he had never gone without food, shelter or clothing. That was incredible. I knew money was and is important, terribly important. Let anyone who imagines that he does not need money try to get along without it. Nothing will take the place of money in the area in which money works. In fact money is as important as the food and clothes that it buys, the shelter that it affords, the education that it provides, and the bills that it pays. Money is important to anyone living in a civilized society, and to argue that it’s not important is absurd. I knew what it meant to be poor because I had gone through the university of hard knocks, a philosophy that no person who had an easy life ever acquires. Poverty is dirty, uncomfortable, a degrading experience. It is a form of disease, and in its acute phases seems to be a form of insanity. Poverty fills prisons, it drives men and women to drink, to drugs and addiction, and sometimes to suicide. It can lead potentially fine, talented, intelligent children to delinquency and crime. It can make people do things they otherwise would never dream of doing. And so to work and live in a city like Nairobi, Kenya without salary and without an organisation to support him was, in my view, quite impossible.

I wanted to hear more about this mystery and that was my turning point. I regularly continued to sit in those little meetings. I listened to God’s servants bring those little showers of blessings. What impressed me from the beginning of the meeting was its simplicity. There was no “usual” introductions telling us their education, travels, etc. Not even their names were given. And the hymns were beautiful. I surely felt here was something that could not be found in any place in the land. You couldn’t get it out of seminary, or theological college, or in the library. This was wisdom that came from above. It was pure, peaceable, gentle, easy to entreat, full of mercy, without partiality and without hypocrisy. God’s servants told us about Jesus, His way and His truth, and how they left all to go out in the harvest field in Jesus' way.

They spoke about the Lord’s world wide ministry that is held together without any organisation, headquarters or board of directors, or any group of individuals to support them. One of the reasons that this ministry has existed without organisation, headquarters or board of directors is because it’s God’s workmanship. God planned this impossible ministry so that men and women can see the hand of God in it. If there is an organisation and earthly headquarter, then there would be no proof to give to the world that there is God or that the hand of God is in this ministry because the unions and international business clubs function on that basis. This is a miracle which God Himself is able to bring about.

They spoke about Lord’s servants today are like the apostles that they go to all the parts of the world two by two giving the gospel freely without any collections, or salary or tithing, without books to sell or any ministry to support them and no knowledge where the next penny is going to come from in this selfish age. This is a proof that the power of heaven is backing them.

They told us that in the in the New Testament there is no such a thing as “one man ministry.” Jesus sent his disciples in pairs. He sent two disciples to prepare the Passover. He sent two disciples to loosen the colt. He sent two disciples to seek lodgings in Samaria. Two angels were sent to announce the risen Christ. When Jesus ascended into heaven, two angels were sent again. Peter and John in the Acts of Apostles were together. Paul and Barnabas were also together.

They told us about how God has given a spirit that unites His people the world over. There has never been a group of men or women from the dawn of creation of the earth that is able to produce a ministry or fellowship like this. No child of God is ready-made or self-made. They are all God-made people. If the Lord’s people are man-made, there would be no fellowship. The religious world around us has proved this fact. Where there is different in picture, there is no fellowship. God’s people in the bible are likened to sheep, the irreligious people are likened to dogs, and the religious people are likened to pigs. The reason is because pigs walk like sheep but they do not have the sheep-like nature. If a pig would walk along road during the night and leave its tracks on the sand, unless you are a real good farmer, you would not know whether that was a pig or a sheep that walked there. They leave much the same kind of tracks. One thing that has become a CURSE today in the religious world is that false preachers train their people to walk like sheep. They train them to walk into church instead of bars. They train them to walk to the hospital to visit the sick. They also train them to walk in high standards of the world instead of low standards of the world. And because they don’t have sheep nature, they can’t produce fellowship. You put two or three of them together and the first thing you notice is a squel going on. There can be no possibility of having fellowship. God makes the rich and poor. When the Lord’s makes the rich and the poor, a miracle takes place. Normally the rich and the poor won’t have anything in common. But they can meet together and have fellowship because God has conformed them into the image of His son. All this from human stand point of view is utterly impossible. But we can rejoice today over the impossible ministry, impossible fellowship, and impossible working of the spirit. There are men and women in this ministry we would never have met except for this gospel. We do not teach each other, but we have gathered here because of something taking place in our lives. Most of us have had a background of religion or worldly and we had a privilege of listening to the message Christ who lives forever. A child of God is so different because of the alpha and omega.

They talked about the two fundamentals of the faith of Jesus from which we must dare not depart. The first is “the preacher without a home” and the second is “the church in the home and only in the home.” No preacher in fellowship with Jesus can have a home of his own. He must be willing to have a fellowship with Jesus in His homelessness. One of the conditions for those that are thinking of entering into the ministry must face the willingness to have fellowship with Jesus, the homeless son of man. Jesus Himself said, “Foxes have their holes, birds of the air have their nests, but the son of man has nowhere to lay His head.” The second fundamental is “the church in the home” and only in the home. The early Christian in the New Testament met in little groups in consecrated homes to worship God in spirit and truth, without the priest or church buildings, without the religious ritualism which are considered so necessary by all daughters of Babylon. When God’s people leave their homes on the Lord’s day and go to another home to keep this memorial, they are not only obeying the scripture but they are also registering a protest against every system of false religion that has blinded the minds of men women through out the ages. Regular meetings in the first day of the week are very important. It is a double appointment. First of all with our Master and secondly, with our brethren. What a poor substitute for those that go to public buildings and listen to hired preachers! Jesus gathered His disciples together in a home and it was there He established the breaking of the bread. Over here in Kenya, the Muslems go to mosque to worship, the Jewish people go to synagogues, and the religious people have their church buildings but God’s people always go to worship in a home.

They told us how the Lord has been sending out powerful DELUSIONS into the world to those that have NO LOVE for the truth of God. Many would wonder about this. Why would God send them a powerful delusion to believe a lie? If it is the devil doing this, one could understand because it the work of the devil to delude people and to deceive them. If people haven’t the desire for the truth of God as it is in Jesus, God would not allow them inside the city of Truth .This city is made of men and women who love the truth of God as Jesus lived and taught it. God is anxious that men and women would understand what this TRUTH is all about. The Pharisees had their doctrine they called the truth. The Sadducees had their doctrine they also called the truth. Muslims have their doctrine they call the truth. All of the conglomeration of the teachings that we have in the religious world today call their doctrines the truth. And the question in the minds of many people is what is this truth? God sent His son into the world and lived for 331/2 years. He lived on the earth to show us what the truth of God is. Jesus Himself said to his disciples, “He is the way, the truth and the life. And for this reason he was born and for this cause he came into the world to testify and to bear witness of truth.” If one is willing to believe and to honour the truth of God, God would throw the gates of heaven open. But if one has no desire and love for it and is not willing obey and honour the truth, God will send one a strong delusion to believe a lie that would take one a millions miles away from God. God keeps His truth separate and pure. He has put the difference between His truth and everything else in the religious world like day and night.

After listening to this pure gospel message continually for one year, my spiritual eyes and ears were opened. Faith and conviction were begotten in my heart and my deep desire to follow this hidden Way engulfed my heart. My joy was so great that I wanted to share with others who were seeking like I had been. But I couldn’t tell anyone for sometime as I felt incapable and unworthy.

This is a miracle ministry because it produces life. When people listen to this simple message, all over sudden something begins to happen in the process, their understanding begins to change, their attitude begins to change and in the course of time, they become new creatures in Christ Jesus.

I am thankful, when I listened to this precious gospel, God’s servants didn’t try to condemn what I had done. I had met many religious people and they all began by finding fault and condemning what I had been taught from my childhood. I knew nothing else, but they said nothing about that. They taught me something better. It is the same as a man with a shirt on. It is dirty. It is ragged and it is the only shirt the man has. Now if you begin to find fault with the man’s shirt, “Why have you that dirt shirt on for? Take it off and throw it away.” The poor man would get angry because it is the only shirt he has. But if you come along and show him a new shirt and say to him, ”What do you think of this shirt? Do you like it? Is it of your size? Is it clean?” There isn’t a tear on it. The man himself would be free. He would take it off and throw it away himself because he has a better shirt. The Lord would like to clothe us with a righteous garment of Christ and this can only happen when God’s servants have shown people something better. Not showing our wrongs. That is God’s way of showing truth to others. Jesus did not come into the world to condemn it, but to save it. That was the purpose of His coming.

I learned that in the way of God, there is a part that we see and the part we don’t see. One part that we see is the fellowship, wholesome people, a nice standard, approved ministry, two going together and meeting in homes, but we would not make a commitment if this is all that we see. There is the other part that is more far more valuable and that is the hidden treasure. When one sees the hidden treasure and taste the peace that only God gives by revelation, then one can make a commitment. I saw the hidden treasure. I made a commitment to make it my own. I then burned all the bridges. I stopped attending religious masses. I stopped attending weekly community religious prayer meetings. I burned my rosary, religious portraits, and all religious literature.

When the invitation was given in my first year in the convention, I made my choice. It didn’t matter what it would mean or cost me. I wanted it. No one else made the choice that night. I have since been glad of this because I know I was not influenced by anyone. I thought because I could see “righteousness” of the cause, everybody would see it immediately. It didn’t happen. I found it unfair for my people and friends to judge the servants of God before hearing them. It was not long after this that my family members and friends started to gang up. My wife was and is a good sincere woman in her desire to serve God in Catholic Church resented. She told friends and relatives how glad she was that I had gotten saved. They told her how sorry they were that I had gotten tangled up with a religion with no name, no salary, no college degrees, or diplomas. People do not want to be identified with a church without a name, ministry without titles, or salaries, or a church in a home. My wife resented the truth and the meetings. She felt that this was another sect. Here today and tomorrow gone. And besides, it was hard for her to give up her place in the religious cycle. Children also resented the truth and the meetings. A mother has a very strong influence on her children, and if the right influence prevails in the home, we do not need to be afraid of the influence of the world.

A lot of other people thought I was nuts for abandoning the mother church. But I knew I was right and I wasn’t prepared for people looking me in the eyes and telling me they didn’t like what I was doing. The enemy of my soul also took over. I said t o myself, “Stanley, are you good enough to live for God? People like me can’t make it. This cannot happen to people like me who come where I come from. I imagined all kinds of scenes where I would be humiliated. I also created all kinds of imaginary difficulties, when I hadn’t actually experienced a single problem. I had a thousands reasons to quit. I was continually told that the odds were against me. My ability to serve God was questioned. No other member of the family was willing to the listen to the gospel. And besides, we were very few. That is a human tendency, no doubt acquired and strengthened in childhood to believe that whatever people in significant numbers are doing must be correct or so many would not be doing it. We live in a society which popularity is confused with superiority or excellence. For example, the most popular brands are not necessary the best. Surely, the natural tendency would have been to quit. I felt like giving up."

But any one can quit. It is the easiest road to take, but I had a total confidence in God. I believed that God had a personal interest in my life. A changed life is the loudest sermon anyone can speak. I didn’t know much about the Bible. All I knew was that God had answered prayers and He had put something in my heart. I went into my room and prayed. I knelt before my bed, opened the Bible and my e yes rested upon the verses in Luke 12:51, ” I am not come to bring peace, but rather division. From hence forth there shall be five in one family divided, three against two and two against three." But in my home it was five against one. I have never forgotten that revelation and I have thanked God for that ever since. Friends and family members advised to consult a psychiatrist which I did. The psychiatrist examined me and found that that I was very normal. He said that those that had sent me were the ones that were sick and they needed medical check-up. I continued, however, to experience my share of rejection, which has persistently continued to this day. The thing I feel more grateful for today than anything else is that the Lord has given me the courage to stand alone and face the divided home for the past 20 years.

It is a comfort to me to know that there is no one beyond the love of God and there is no one beyond the reach of the gospel, if a person is honest enough to accept in his or her heart. When people come out of such sordid background like mine, the change is more outstanding and most noticeable. I have great empathy for those of us that have gone through a similar trauma. The clock cannot be turned back and we know that Jesus always shows more mercy to a repentant heart than every one of us put together can ever show. If this has happened to you, don’t let devil or anyone let you think that you are beyond the love of Christ.

Some nice thoughts about the burning bush that Moses saw in Exodus 3 have been of great help to me over the years. This little bush was not considered valuable but the bush was precious because God could light fire in its heart. This is a picture of ourselves. If God can light a fire in our heart, we won’t be consumed but we will live forever.

God has given us the world that nothing but our own folly keeps it from being a paradise. My people are still hanging around the stagnant pool of religion of this world which has given them no power to walk. They are far from God, far from the truth, going through their forms and calling upon their myths. God’s way has brought peace and joy in my heart that I had never known before and the search ended. I feel very unworthy of God seeking me out and speaking to my heart. I also feel the calling is very high and the profession that I have made is very great. I also sense a great responsibility entrusted to me. I pray that I might always be willing for God’s true living way and show appreciation for all that God in His mercy has done for me.

Fortunate are the children who are born to parents who are both serving God. There is something tragic about one parent believing one thing and the other parent believing something else. It only works confusion in the minds of the little children. We are responsible to be the right influence on them, so that they will make the right choices. What helps children to obey their parents is when they see their parents obeying God. Obedience does not come through inheritance, it has to be taught. The greatest example that Abraham left to his son Isaac was his obedience to God. Isaac could not have known how much his father loved to obey God until the time came when he took the knife. Isaac knew that his father loved him, but that day he saw Abraham loved God more than him. If there is something that you can do, let your children see that you love God more than them. Sometimes there is lack of example in the parents, father telling his son to do something that he himself is not doing. I want to be more obedient so that the spirit of God can enrich my life.

I have told my testimony not to brag about my fleeting accomplishments which cannot possibly interest anyone. I have told wholly with the hope that it may renew a courage and confidence to some seeking souls that no one is beyond the love of God and no one is beyond the reach of the gospel.

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