Stu Helf - God's Love - 1990

 - sung to the tune of Hymn # 80, "Do Not Fear to Follow Jesus"

God so loved His own creation,
Looking down from Heaven on high,
Seeing men and women wander
Doomed in sin to live and die.
Knowing all their strife and struggles,
He provides a way of rest.
That they might escape the sorrow
Of a hopeless, final test.

He has moved with great compassion
To show men a pattern true.
So all souls could simply follow,
Give their hearts a measure full.
Teaching of His Grace and goodness,
Not according to man’s mind,
Bringing hope and life and gladness
To all willing of mankind.

There’s abundant joy in Heaven
Free from all earth’s doubts and care,
All it’s glories are provided,
Untold riches He will share.
This is past our comprehension
And the price was freely paid
By the blood of our Redeemer
On the cross His Son was laid.

Let us look then to the Saviour
Jesus, Son of God so true.
Feel His gentle loving Spirit,
He will share all this with you.
Learn of Him, the meek and lowly,
Trust the simple truths He brings.
Hear the lowly Gospel story,
Hear all Heaven’s angels sing.