Syd Maynard - Fifth Testimony - Western Australia Convention - January 1932

John 17, as Jesus had gathered them all together, after He had said all to them, then He said something about them. The Lord suffers when one goes wrong. No need for us to get wrong with God because others get wrong.

The gold had been tried in the fire to a certain extent at this time. We have to give an account of the golden vessels that are put in our hands, just as those did who brought back the golden vessels from Babylon.

Jesus said, "The hour has come." This comes to every Christian when God asks something of them more than He has ever asked before. The grapes put into the winepress and all the juice is crushed out that quickens some souls for time to come, skins and seeds are thrown away, they were in their place for a time but the time had come when they had to be cast away.

Verse 2, "As Thou hast given Him power over all flesh." Jesus said this to make them know that God would give them this power too.

Verse 3, "This is eternal life that they may know Thee." Some of the things that Jesus said need no explaining and verse 4 is one of them. "I have glorified Thee on the earth; I have finished the work which Thou gavest Me to do." It would make the disciples feel that their work had just begun. God's servants are His gifts to His children, God gives His children to His servants. God has such love for us that when we give Him what is His own, He calls it sacrifice. They received Jesus' words as the words of God to them, and they would stake their lives upon it and they knew that God would stand by it, there was a wonderful confidence begotten in their hearts towards God. We are to remember those who have spoken to us the word of God, whose faith follow considering the end of their conversation, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever." That is what they are aiming at.

Verse 9, "I pray for them."

The gospel of John was written the last of all, but John did not forget this that Jesus said, "It is hard to pray for those who do not want to be any different," and this would be what Jesus meant when He said, "I pray not for the world." Prayed His Father to keep them in the little corner where He put them - not only keep them but make them one, keep them from getting into danger. Jesus had to give Peter a rap that he would feel deeply. Judas did not want to be any better, but kept it hidden in his heart. Jesus did not eradicate the evil, but prayed that they would be kept from it. Keep in the condition that you will be found doing the things that others are praying for you and are thinking you are doing; otherwise you will be a son of perdition.

"I pray not only for those who are with Me today, but for all those who will believe on Me through their word, they may be one, as We are One, and that the world may know that Thou hast sent Me." Division disgusts the world.

Verse 24, "That they may see as I do," and the proof that they saw as Jesus did was that they did the things that He did.

Verse 26, "That the love wherewith Thou hast loved Me may be in them" - the most real thing is the love of God in making us to remember others and pray for others, etc.

"Righteous Father." Jesus was saying, "You have always been right. Being misunderstood by others, You have been right."