Syd Maynard - Fourth Testimony - Western Australia Convention - January 1932

II Samuel 3. The people of Israel were divided into two peoples, but this is not the will of God.

Saul was slain by the hand of an Amelikite, the ones he spared when God sent him out to slay them. It means this, that if we spare the enemy's power, it will destroy us.

Abner made himself strong for the house of Saul, but he found that that which he was making himself strong for was disappointing. Our own experience teaches us better than anyone else that everything is disappointing. Some people are better than the thing they are in. Abner came to a climax, saw that that which he was upholding was not worth it, so there came a turning point in his life, and he turned towards David, God's anointed one.

Michal was returned to David, for she was his, the husband followed weeping, grief at having to give up his wife whom he really had no claim to. God asks people to hand over to Him that which really was never theirs.

Abner acted on his convictions and entered into the coven­ant with David and brought twenty other men to David. David saw in Abner a man of sterling worth.

Paul was won through the trueness and the dying testi­mony of Stephen.

Abner said when he tasted of the fellowship of God and His people. "I will arise and go and gather all Israel unto my Lord the King."

Joab looked upon Abner as a deceiver and he called him back, and thrust him through, and he was hurled into eternity, but how nice to read God's report of him. How he went out with a true heart purpose to bring others to God's anointed one.