Sydney Holt - Washington State Overseer - Elders' Meeting - October 6, 1992

In Philemon verse 1, he is called a fellow laborer; in verse 17, he is called a partner; and, in verses 16 and 20, he is called a brother, yet he is an elder. Laborer, the ministry, and elder working together; partner, each sharing in loss and gain; brother, a close relationship as love holds the family together.


Elder's Meeting scriptural? See Acts 20:28-31. Take heed to self first. Then take heed to flock. Holy Ghost makes the elder. Feed the church of God. Be a feeder. All are purchased by blood of God through Jesus Christ. To speak against another is terrible as they are purchased by the blood of Christ.


Qualifications of elder or bishop can be found in 1 Timothy 3; Titus 1; 1 Peter 5.




1. How are meetings held? There is an order (which we follow). Lift your voice up so others can hear and enter into our prayers and testimonies.


2. Spirit of meeting more important than mechanics. Yes, spirit very important. It is a must in the meeting.


3. Who chooses hymns? Anyone professing may choose hymns. Possibly children may choose, but should be checked through their parents. Elders could also select certain people to choose hymns. Do not get into a rut. There are some who choose hymns very often.


4. Length of meeting? Exodus 12:11. Long testimonies put a damper on a meeting. (Stand up to be seen; speak out to be heard; sit down to be appreciated.)


5. Better to have elder to talk to those who are long, etc.


6. Illness: Then have workers tell where or what they aught to do. There should be the back-up man first, though.


7. Unprofessing people taking care of home while elder gone? Then possible to scatter, but LET THE WORKERS KNOW!


8. When cup is passed and one does not partake, then elder is to bring the cup back to that person. He should partake of it before taking it back though.


9. If strife between members? 1 Corinthians. May be sometimes better to go to workers.


10. Being late? This usually a habit so no matter what time meeting is to start they would still be the late ones. This is a personal matter that should be taken care of by the individuals.


11. If elder cannot be in meeting and no one around, what guidelines? This was already answered.


12. Notify elder if we will not be there or if we are bringing someone. CALL!


13. If worker conducting meeting should elder say "Amen" audibly? Yes. He can also say "Amen" after each testimony.


14. Strangers in Fellowship Meeting? 1 Corinthians 14:23-25. Strangers may attend, but best if they go to Gospel Meeting first. They can go to the Fellowship Meeting because the spirit may speak to them.


15. When inviting anyone, ask them as an observer and not to be taking part.


16. If someone moves into town and comes to meeting (or calls about where meeting is being held) give directions to closest Sunday and Wednesday meeting to them and then tell them when the workers are back in area, they may change them as they like to keep the meetings balanced.


17. Uncovered emblems? Uncover the emblems before singing the hymn preceding passing the bread. Remain in seats until he returns with or without announcements.


18. Go ahead and uncover emblems when workers have meeting. No need to feel awkward. Luke 22:17 is reference to the first cup.


19. Luke 22:19-20 is where Jesus instituted the bread and wine. This last supper was the night before the Passover as Jesus knew He would be killed at the time of the killing of the Passover lamb. Colossians 2:14, "Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances..." He drank the first cup to blot out the Old Testament covenant and brought it to a close. The second cup introduced the bread and cup of the New Testament--our emblems as we have them today. To Sydney the bread signifies "I am willing," and the cup signifies "I'm sorry, but very thankful for Jesus dying for us."


(Sydney recommended we each read about the crucifixion in the various places in the Bible, or to even read a hymn that refers to Jesus' crucifixion either Saturday night or Sunday morning.)


Also, no cracked wheat should be used for the bread. There should be no whole grain in it as the life of Jesus was crushed. (At Ronan, I heard that a grain of wheat in a slice of bread could say, "I am in the bread" but, if there is none, it could say, "I am of the bread.")


20. Have emblems in the room before the meeting. Be reverent!


21. Who should pray for the emblems? Anyone who is baptized and is taking part. The elder may select anyone to do it.


22. Don't just take a tiny bit of bread. Take a portion.


23. Elders should pass the emblems and not pass anyone up for any reason. 1 Corinthians 11:28-32.


24. Each individual decides if he/she is worthy or not.


25. Should elder take emblems last? He should partake before passing to those who did not partake.


26. If heart is hard then taking emblems is wrong. AIDS? They should always be last.


27. Wine in some countries and grape juice here? Both are "fruit of the vine."


28. How dispose of bread of wine? In Old Testament it was to be burned and the blood was to be poured on the ground and covered with dust. Same today.


29. Wait until emblems out of room before gathering up books.


30. How promptly should we leave after the meeting? Greet everyone and then leave. Don't tarry.


31. Sprinkling of blood? In Old Testament it was all "types" and "shadows." Leviticus 16. Number seven is God's number--perfect redemption.


32. John 1:18, "No man hath seen God at any time..."


33. Giving to charities? This is a personal thing. Give according to the need that you see and according to your own personal feelings.


34. Last Days? That is the time from when Jesus died and when He will be coming back again. Just be ready.


35. Sabbath? Colossians 2:16-17. Shadow is never real thing. It just points to real thing. Hebrews 4 tells us what this shadow is. We are following the real thing, Jesus Christ, when we cease from our own works.


36. Number 5? This represented the human effort perfected with divine strength. Five loaves feeding 5,000, etc.


37. Millennium reign? Read Matthew 24 and 25. Just be ready. Watch and pray. Also read Revelations 20. All the faithful who died in Christ and those faithful when He returns will be partaking of the "Feast of the Bridegroom" while Satan is flourishing. Judgment Day would still be coming up as we all leave either a good or evil influence behind which adds to our record for that day.