Testimonies - Portugal Convention - 2005

The lady of the home gave her testimony and said how thankful she is for those who have come to this land who have been like spiritual mothers and fathers to them, exhorting them, comforting them, and correcting them as little children, thankful for the love of the servants of God.  I want to accept correction from God.

A friend from America gave his testimony.  He used to be glad to see the likeness of God's children but now he is glad for the savour or the taste of God's children.  Taste the fruit of the spirit as I am doing here, the love, the joy, the peace.  You can copy a likeness, many religious groups copy the likeness of Jesus but they do not have the fruit.  You cannot copy fruit it must be grown.  I have tasted the fruit here and there is nothing like it in all the world.