Testimony - Didsbury II Convention - Thursday Morning, July 19, 2007

Hymn 311 is a testimony hymn, "Love Supreme"


*  “I can of my own self do nothing.”  These words are from the lips of the Perfect One, the Son of God.  How much more I need the help of God!

*  Life is a pilgrimage, not a destination.  Be a light in this world.

*  God wants to connect us to our ending.  God is interested in our future.  I want to take steps to prove to God that my future is the most important.

*  Feeding the flesh leaves us hungry, disappointed, dissatisfied, and eventually dead.  Feeding the soul leaves us satisfied, full, contented, and leads to life eternal.

*  To not just survive, but to thrive is my purpose.

*  As we give, the world looks on and sees what is gone, but God looks on and sees what is left.


Hymn 282, "His Way Is Best"