The Clock of Life

The “clock of life” is a free gift to us
Given through God's great love.
The instructions are in the Holy Bible
Sent down from heaven above.

God winds the “clock of life” but once
And no one has the power
To know just when the clock will stop
And bring that final hour.

Our heart beats like that ticking clock
That hangs upon the wall;
It may keep ticking for many years
Before we hear God's call.

But then again our heart could stop
Without a warning sign.
The “clock of life” has no guarantee,
It could stop at any time.

We can't rewind the “clock of life”
If it stops for you or me;
Only God can rewind this clock
And Jesus holds the key.

In case the “clock of life” gets dirty
And doesn't keep good time,
God will clean and repair this clock
And it won't cost a dime.

You see, Jesus paid the price in full
When He died upon the cross;
By choice He freely gave His life
So we would not be lost!

We thank you Lord for “the clock of life,”
May we handle it with care.
I hope and pray that some glad day
We will meet Thee in the air.