The Lord's Return - 2008

5 things that will come to pass before the Lord's return
This is God's plan, and all in his control (2 Peter 3:9-13)

1. All Nations against Israel/Jerusalem (Zechariah 14:1-4)

2. Arabs (sons of Ishmael) will be a world power (Daniel 7:1-9)
1st Beast = Eagle/US
2nd Beast = Bear/Russia
3rd Beast = Leopard/China?
4th Beast = Ultimate beast/Arab Nations

3. US will be brought down (Daniel 7:1-9)
a. US was already removed from a having a vote on the UN regarding Israel
b. 9/11 was another hit to the US
c. Hurricane Katrina also had a big impact on the US

4. Babylon has fallen; false doctrine has no part in God's way
(Spiritually signifies everything that is not right) (Revelations 18:1-4)

5. 10 virgins: 5 wise and 5 foolish (Matthew 25:1-3, 24:3-14) Half of the friends will not be ready to go. They are present in the meetings, but not part of God; lacking the willingness. Who is Lord in our life?
God doesn't expect us to be perfect, but we need to have perfect intentions. There has to be victory through God. "I know you not" was told to the 5 foolish, not "I never knew you." He knows us, but now does not; the falling away. We are free to make the choice, but we get the consequences no matter what. These things are working now in the

Matthew 10:23 "Sending out the Apostles." Jews were destroyed in 870 AD.
Until May 1948 when the UN re-established this scripture could not have been fulfilled. Couldn't have gone over the cities of Israel.

Matthew 24:23, 27, 28 Wherever we are feeding that is where Jesus will gather us from if we are his.
Verse 29; Tribulations on earth after Jesus has taken us up from the earth.
Verse 30; After the marriage of the Lamb, because his feet won't touch the ground till then.
Verse 31; Gathered from heaven (not earth) we will already be up there.
Verse 37; If you see the start of these signs, you will be living through them all till they are fulfilled.

Matthew 25:31: Verse 33; Sheep brides and children of God. Goat = Unsaved
Those children of the unsaved will go into the thousand year reign along with the resurrected. All while the devil is chained. And then released to tempt those that profess during that time because no one will enter heaven that hasn't been tempted. After the devil has gathered his company of sinners and compassed the city of the faithful, the fire will come down and consume them all.

Question: If this is all written in the bible, how can the devil not know this? Or understand that there is no positive outcome for him?

Answer: Revelations 12:12; Because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.  He's just going to take as many of us with him as he can, while he can.

Question: Circumcision; why was it such a big deal in the letters that Paul wrote? What was the confusion?

Answer: The people were changing from the old law, to Jesus' law.  Circumcision of Jesus is the circumcision of the heart. Abraham was faithful before the law so Galatians 3:6 proves that the law was not then needed.

Commandments/Law: Revelations 22:14 Do his commandments meaning Jesus' commandments as in Matt 28:20.

Romans 8:1; Jesus has died, he has been the sacrifice.

Question: Which are scarier, those that know but don't follow, or those that don't believe anything?

Answer: All the same end.