Trevor Loechel - Thinking of You - Peru, 2003

Dear Friends,
We are at the close of another year with just one more convention to go before our convention season ends.  There is just one hour free before we go for an evening visit with a family here in Lima tonight so will make a start on some lines to let you know you are certainly not forgotten.

Our three fields, Coyunde, Cushig, and Cutervo, have kept us more than busy, and as our largest convention is at Coyunde we have had some extra jobs to attend to there. With the help of many, things came into shape by the time convention was to start.

During the last weeks we had the joy of seeing 8 manifest their desire to begin to walk the lowly way with Jesus. Three of these are adults who have had knowledge of Truth for some time, but this year they came to the place where they desired to not just know the Truth, but to live it. The other five are children of our friends, all being the third generation, as they have had grand parents professing. It is wonderful to see parents and grandparents doing all they can to fill the hearts of these younger ones with that which is of eternal worth; 'filling the water pots with water,' helping them to be prepared for the miracle of God when He turns the water in 'wine.'  We have a living witness of this in the lives of the two who started in the work here during the year; Susana Quispe and Carloman Zarate. They do so well and are an inspiration to all. Others have offered and are waiting and will no doubt get an opportunity in the near future.

Our convention visitors are Lloyd Haugen (Norway), Jacob Kevlighan (Brazil), Jose Araneda (Argentina), Susan Nadal (Dominican Republic), Sue Dawson (U.S.A.) and Ruth Gonzalez (Argentina). Vessels the Lord has used to pour out to us the very help that was needed.

I am to return to the same fields for the coming year, but with Pedro Huanca this time. Donna Mose returned to Canada October 13 for health reasons and it seems she will not be returning for some time. It seems Sue Dawson may stay on here to fill in for her meantime. We are also hoping it can be arranged for Americo Quispe to spend some time in the US while a brother from the US comes to fill in here. These changes are just so healthy for all and enlarge our borders.

I'll share a few gem thoughts from Conventions that have remained with me: 
*Worshipping in spirit is when we say YES to all the Will of God.
*If we love one another it will not be hard to forgive one another.
*Watching and praying give sure protection from the enemy.
*When Joseph's brethren came to him in Egypt he remembered his dreams (what God had shown him), not what his brethren had done to him.
*Joseph didn't ask his brethren if they had changed their way of thinking or living; all he wanted was communion with his father.
*If we become offended it proves we have a "stony" (shallow) heart.
*Jesus' love for the Father enabled Him to live on the earth as pure as He was in heaven.
*The 'bread of heaven' creates love, unity and holiness.
*Willingly obeying in the smallest things, even when we do not understand or know anything about what is happening, makes us useful; like the widow pouring out the oil; like the lad running to fetch the arrows; like the lad with the few loaves and fishes.

Hope this finds you well and enjoying good days of fellowship.  We always have the best before us, and want to follow on to attain to it.

Brotherly greetings,