Thoughts from Conventions - New Zealand, 2004

We heard some helpful things about God choosing for us, and that it is not so much a matter of us making choices, but just understanding what are the choices that God has made for us and learning to fit in to them. And knowing that He always chooses what is best and that is where the blessing will be. It was mentioned of the two and a half tribes who made a choice for themselves about where their inheritance would be, and that it led to a lot of confusion and unrest as time went on. We were reminded, too, that God knows all things, while we know so little. He knows all about us, all about our future, all about life, all about Eternity. And He has planned all things about our pathway such that we will be led safely to our Heavenly home if we just learn to follow on and obey. We heard about getting into the sanctuary too, and the help that is there for us that we need so much. Another thing that was mentioned was about the markings on the highways, that they are not physical barriers - they can be crossed, but crossing them takes us into areas where we are at risk of harm. It was mentioned about the number of times the markings have to be refreshed. Not new markings, but just a renewing of the old so that they would be plain and clear for us. Like the effect of the convention where we are helped to see again more clearly the way that is marked out in Jesus. We were encouraged not to be travelling near to the edges, but squarely within the pathway that He has marked for us. Then we heard too about King Saul, how that when he was lifted up and God was left out of his choices then God left him on his own to manage his own affairs (God wouldn't answer him when he wanted help) and the result was disaster. The contrast to this was mentioned in Daniel and his friends, when they put God first in all things then God undertook for them in managing all their affairs and the result was deliverance in every test and blessing in all things. Another thought came from the lad who had the loaves and fishes, that Andrew and the lad knew exactly how much he had with him, but only Jesus knew what it could become as it was blessed of God. This encourages us when we think of our own limitations which we are very conscious of, and it will help us just to leave all things in the Father's Hands knowing that the blessings of usefulness that will result will be beyond anything that we could ask or think.


At convention, we heard about God being a God of repetition (in His teaching of us, and in re-teaching us things over and over again) and we are thankful that the Lord is patient with us when we are so often slow to learn. We know that in life's learning process, we sometimes have to be told things many times before they really become a part of us and are retained, and it is so in our spiritual life, too. It was mentioned about Moses being told to hew the second lot of two tables of stone, and God saying that He would write on them "according to the first."  Just writing the same things again, and restoring exactly what was lost when the first tables were broken. We heard about the simplicity of God's way and truth, and that was something that I appreciated and it remained with me. Later we heard about those who obtained a good report through faith, and that without faith it is impossible to please God. It was expressed that the walk of faith is very simple - the essence of it is:  "God has spoken, and because He has said it I accept it and I obey it," and that is the end of the matter. Not only does faith not question, it cannot question (otherwise it is not faith). God was able to give testimony of different ones in the Bible, and it was a very simple thing that He said and the concept was very simple ("Moses My servant," David "a man after my own heart," Abraham "My friend"). These are simple things that we understand, but when it comes from God it represents a testimony that we would all covet. And it is something to which we can all attain, with the help of God. To serve acceptably simply requires of us that we would be willing to be told was is wanted and then just do it. That's not complicated at all. And to be a friend simply requires of us that we respect and are loyal to someone, which is not complicated either. And to be a person after God's own heart simply requires of us that we give God the opportunity He needs to give us His heart. Someone spoke from Isaiah 6 concerning the vision that Isaiah had of God in the year the king Uzziah died and he felt undone. He was asked, "Who will go for us?" and though it wasn't said just what was being asked or where he would be sent, he was willing:  "Here am I, send me."  It was remarked that the spirit of the Kingdom is just to fit in with anything, without hesitation.

One thought that I enjoyed was about David when he was still a shepherd of sheep.  When he saw the bear attacking the sheep, he acted.  It was said that there would have been bear fights between bears, too, but those he would have left alone.  There are things that affect us and can harm the people of God but then there are also many other things in the world that we better leave alone as they do not concern us.  Life is too short to be occupied in all of those things and one longs to keep the focus where it should be.  If we can direct our energies to what really matters, there is a far greater possibility of victory.  The enemy wants to distract us as he did with Saul and many others, but if we can recognize our enemy and fight him only, victory is guaranteed in Christ.


This morning I enjoyed a thought in 2 Kings 11.  Jehoash was the legitimate king.  As soon as he was on the throne, the people destroyed the temple of Baal.  When the right King is on the throne, many things fall into place.  I have often seen in the fields that when God is in the right place, many problems need no dealing with – they simply disappear.  It is applicable on a personal level, too.  When we give God the place in the heart that He deserves and requires, many worries and concerns disappear because He takes care.