Tom Davis - Who Will Fill Those Shoes? - Blackwater Convention - 2011

Who will take that quiet time early in the day,
And bow their head at lunch time, not ashamed to pray?
Who'll get home from work early, have supper in the car,
To go to gospel meeting because it's not too far?
Who will answer questions and sit in the front row?
"Who was in the lion's den?" or "Where did Jonah go?"
Who will wait on tables until convention's done?
Whose sweet clear voice in perfect praise will sing hymn number one?
Who will greet the workers, "Please make yourselves at home.
Here's our children's bedrooms; take them as your own."
Who will write that letter to cheer the struggling heart,
Who'll pick up the widow before meeting, in their part?
Who'll walk through the wilderness, the frost or scorching sun,
Leaning on their True Love, the two becoming one?
Who will keep their love alive, forgive and love anew,
Who'll love their spouse at fifty years, more than the first "I do?"
Who will live as servants? Whose hands will hold up hands?
Who will step into the yoke, forsaking home and lands?
Who will see that burden and bow their head to bear?
Who will pick the mantle up and share the kingdom's care?

CHORUS: Who will fill those shoes, oh who, Lord, in our day?
Who'll be that little candle to light another's way?
Who will give their heart and soul? Could it be me and you?
Oh, Lord, please help us; help us fill those shoes.

By: Tom Davis and his friends
Tom quoted this at Blackwater convention, 2011.
He is going to Texas to labor.