Tom Vincent - Milltown II Convention - Afternoon Meeting, Friday, August 20, 2004

Hymn 359, “So Strange It Seems”




Hymn 361, “When First We Heard”


I Peter 3:14-16, sanctify the Lord thy God in our hearts.  This should have no fear from the terror persecutors may offer.  “We’re ready always to give an answer.” 

(See verse 16)  “Good conversation” – The reply we give is by our actions and reactions. 

I Timothy 3:14-16, behaving thyself in the House of God.  Know the limits and boundaries of His kingdom.  Sanctify the Lord thy God in our hearts.  Unanimous = everyone. 

You can still be committed to something higher than the fashions and worldly ways…commit yourself to God. 

Behave in the House of God.  You can say more with your actions than your words sometimes. 

Keep a standard and be constant.  Know your purpose in life, without controversy. 

We should always be a child of God. We don’t act like other animals (since we’re sheep). 

Greatness is the mystery of Godliness.  Convention is our New Year celebration (from the story Tom told). 

Don’t stay where the foxes lay, in the guard’s nest.  A sheep does not act.  And, they behave the way they should behave in the household of God. 

“This people should dwell alone - and not mix with the nations.”  God’s portion in this world is His people.  We don’t go out there and act.  We go forth and live and behave as citizens as the people of Jerusalem.  We are God’s people. 


Hymn 277, “The Next Step”