Tom Vincent - Milltown II Convention - Morning Meeting, Sunday, August 22, 2004

Hymn 286, “An Offering I Would Bring”




Hymn 388, “In Lowliness the Savior Came” 

Hebrews 8, “…such a high priest / minister of the tabernacle… of necessity that this man has something to offer… by how much… established on better promises.”  The Lord Jesus is the sum of everything we have spoken.  He’s our eternal prophet, priest, and king.  He’s our eternal high priest.  We have a purpose to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.  The priest God has ordained is Jesus. 

Matthew 11:11, “… living here.”  John the Baptist – the high priest appointed by heaven.  John the Baptist represented the priesthood and the prophets.  He (John) became less.  He handed the priesthood over to Christ.  Repentance is putting aside things that are not lawful in God’s kingdom. 

Hebrews 8 goes onto say, “Behold the day come to make a new covenant.”  God does a “personal work” within our lives.  We need to be connected to God, even when we’re in meetings and conventions - not just close, but connected.  Sometimes people sit on the provisions but do nothing with them.  We have to be able to use the provisions that God gives us.  You don’t depend on man - depend on God.  Make sure the covenant is sealed and you have that river of access to God…that living water.  Not by chance, but by reality - we have that chance.  The seed within us can grow in others. 

Proverbs 6:6, find the seed.  God has given us every seed to use and we will profit with His seed. 


Hymn 29, “God’s Word Is So Pure”