Tom Vincent - Milltown II Convention - Morning Meeting, Thursday, August 19, 2004

Hymn 10, “Jesus Now and Jesus Forever”




Hymn 151, “The Savior Gently Calls”


Seeing things from a higher perspective in life will make you see more. 

God can hush us and make us put things in perspective. 

More time to spend with family and friends is more important than worldly treasures that we may not want. 

Don’t worry about meaningless things in life (what one wears or doesn’t wear and how they wear it, etc.). 

Ecclesiastes talks about vanity.  Vanity is vanity. 

God wants us to look at what we’ve got in our hand - His love. 

People talk about saving plants, animals, etc. and that their whole life depends on it and it’s just part of the world. 

Some things we shouldn’t share and that we should just sit on ideas and not get too concerned, but take it to God.  Take it to God. 

Pray for other people instead of taking it to people.  Get a higher perspective than what we have already. 

The grace of God...Psalm and Job:  In Job, God spoke of the clouds and nature.  In the last chapter (42nd), one (Job) can speak of things they know nothing about, but when he got in touch with God - it changed his whole perspective.  God can make you humble and reason with us, bring us down and make us see things that we have never understood before.  While we talk, we’re not listening - let God talk.  Listen for a change. 

Psalm 141 (“Let the righteous smite me…”) – Ask God for more of His word and guidance.  See the situation that you’re in and you’ll see that God has put you where you are for a reason. 

Little children are not ours - they were given to us by God. 

Sometimes we don’t get a second chance, so - remember - “today is mine.” 

Ask God for advice - He’s your counsel.  Don’t ask for someone else’s advice.  Let God sober us and make us re-focused.  You will rob yourself if you take your own way. 

Matthew 11 (…“soft clothing…. Behold, I send My messenger…”) verse 17 – to be moved shows a soft and tender heart.  We’re delivered by the gospel.  True satisfaction can be found in Jesus. 

Deny thyself and you will find a life with Jesus.  “Not my will but thine be done.”  Our life is not for us to choose…it’s a yielded life. 

We all have our place with God.  God wants us to re-focus our life.  Some are sheep without a shepherd.  We want to continue having God as our shepherd.


Hymn 153, “Jesus Alone Can Save Me”