Trevor Loechel - Peru - 2002

Dear Ones, SO often I just long to have a little chat in this way but time limits our writing. December 2001 and January 2002 were spent in the capital city, Lima, with my companion Héctor Vásquez. It was lovely to be with the babes of October; just pior to our Convs. To see their first feeble steps and hear their first stammering words gave us the real assurance they have 'life.' It was SO special to be with some of them again for Bible Study Wed. 19th of June, as I passed through Lima. This time they were asking us about baptism and what they must do to be ready for it. The struggle continues for them, but it is SO evident their joy and peace is increasing; far outweighing all else.

February, March, and the first half of April were spent in our field, Amazonas. We 'pushed it' to fit in two rounds of visits to the whole field. Weather conditions were not so favourable, but we did manage to get our boots dry a couple of times!!! The five new families who listen there added courage for the 'up-hill' climbs, and made it hard for us to leave when I had to go north for some Convs in the USA and Héctor for Special Mtgs in Perú.

The 'culture shock'; from the very simple outdoor life of walking among our poor, but dearly loved friends of 'Amazonas', northern Peru; to the 'like ants' fast moving traffic on the modern freeways of California; took a while to wear off!!!

The change was enjoyable. Meeting many new and old friends, hearing their testimonies at conventions, helping us to enter into their joys and sorrows, has bound us even closer together. On arrival in Los Angeles, April 19, I was met by Bert and Frieda Veldkamp. After spending the night with them, Hermann Rothmund, John Johnston and I travelled to Casa Grande with Bob and Norma DenHerder. I had met them before at Oak Lodge, Kapunda, Sth Australia, when they visited there with Normas' sister, Audrey Ferdenas. Sun. April 21 there was a Pre. Convention mtg at the Casa Grande convention grounds. Loren and Doris Smit have been on these grounds for over 20 years, but feel it is time to move on and let some younger folks have this privilege. Paul and Heidi Rentaria and their five little children are about to take up residency there. Heidi is a daughter of Gene and Dorothy Wainwright, whom I know very well. They distribute the Spanish hymn books throughout the world and, because of the continually growing 'family' in Peru, they tell us we are their best customers!!

Around 1,100 attended the Casa Grande convention at the weekend. With ample facilities in meeting and dining areas, the crowd didn't seem so large. Temperatures passed 33 deg. C. most days, but with 60 cm plastic tubes bringing fresh air from evaporative air conditioners right across the shed, made conditions very favorable.

It was then my privilege to attend 1st Buttonwillow, 2nd Santee & 1st Mountain Ranch Convs in California before going north to Juneau, Alaska and Chelan, Washington. Hearing God's voice and feeling the touch of His hand in ones own heart is always the 'highlight' of each convention. To see the result of the same in the lives of other also thrills one's soul.

I arrived back in Peru June 18 and since then have had the privilege of visits with 8 pairs of our fellow workers, in their fields, on my way to our field. Our first visit is to be with that lovely new family in El Muyo. In John 10 Jesus said, "My sheep hear my voice." It is such a thrill to see the response of 'true sheep' when they hear the Shepherds voice. And, it is a thrill to the shepherd to hear the bleating of a 'lost sheep.'

Must put an end to this, but with it comes grateful thanks for yours, and your remembrance of us in SO many ways.

A brother, by His grace. Trevor