Tricia Dangerfield - Portugal Convention - 2005

Tricia Dangerfield told us something that was a good help to the convention. She spoke of becoming more simple, children are taught the simple things. We like to make things complicated, try to understand why certain things happen. 

There are 5 words that I want to learn that will help me to be a better child of God.  Please, thank you, I’m sorry, yes, no. 

Paul wrote to the Corinthians that he was concerned that they were being corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. 

Eve strayed from the simplicity.  God had placed them in the garden and told them that they could eat of all the trees except the one tree, a simple command of God.  The serpent came and asked her a question.  This question could have been answered by one word.  Hath God said?  She should have just said  "Yes,"  this was the right answer but then Eve started to explain.  The enemy got her talking and soon Eve went against what God had said.  The enemy of our soul often gets us talking, we begin to explain, begin to think, and soon we have strayed from what God has said.  In the simple teaching of the gospel, God asks us to die to ourselves.  The enemy comes with certain things to partake of and if we want to die the simple reply should be "No." 

The man who was laid by the pool for 38 years was so close to the water and waiting for a miracle.  Jesus asked him a question that could have been answered by one word.  He started talking to explain the situation, and he blamed others:  "I'm here and no one is here to carry me." That was not what Jesus asked him.  He asked him if he wanted to be made whole.  That day, he could have missed all the help that was there, so busy talking.  There is a lot of help here at this convention and we do not want to
miss the help by being so busy talking, perhaps justifying ourselves as to the reason we are this way.  I have this problem because of others, etc.

Another simple teaching of Jesus is if we repent we will be forgiven, that is so simple.  Just say, "I am responsible for what I have done wrong and I am sorry."  If there is something that we have been doing that is wrong, stop it and do it no more, so simple.  God wants us to have simple responses to the teachings of the gospel.