Tricia Dangerfield - Portugal Convention - 2005

Tricia Dangerfield gave out the hymn, “Help Me, Lord, To Be Wholehearted” and went on to speak of fighting to win.  We could fight to lose and take comfort in the fact that I have tried and justify ourselves in that way and still have what we want, but it is only as we fight to win that we can have the victory. 

There is still a fight before us so we need to have a change in our attitude to be able to have the victory; we need to turn to the source of help.  We can turn to someone near us to encourage us but this cannot give us victory, we can turn to human determination but this has its limits.  The only solution for us is to die and God will give us the victory. 

Before I came to Portugal, I was frustrated with myself because I had tried everything and still had defeat in my life.  Then the Lord spoke to me and told me that I had not tried everything, you have not given Me your whole heart and this is what God has been telling me all along, be here with your whole heart, give Me your whole heart. 

Sometimes people say that we are going to leave a piece of our heart here, but we cannot do that.  We need to take all our heart with us, for God wants us to be wholehearted where He has placed us.  What we can leave here is a tombstone, a place where we can remember that God helped us to die to ourselves. 

I have been thinking of the man who worked in the vineyard and there had a fig tree that did not bear fruit for 3 years, just taking up space.  The owner came and told him to cut it down but he pleaded for that tree, that he would take better care of it, he would fertilize it, dig about it, etc.  I used to think that God was giving the fig tree another chance, but no, it was the man working in the vineyard that was given another chance, for all that he was going to do now he could have done previously but he had not done it and now he was pleading for the tree, he had neglected it before.  Perhaps the man had been working on the vine, maybe the vine was more beautiful, maybe the vine was bearing lots of fruit, but the fig tree was important to the one who had planted it and who owned it and was desiring fruit from it. 

I know that in the field where I have been working, I have not been wholehearted, just doing something on the surface, working with the vineyard, but some areas just brushing them aside like the fig tree, but God wants me to go out from here wholehearted, to fight with my whole heart, to work with my whole heart, giving my all, and want God to help me to die because as I die I am going to live. 

May God help us to be more fruitful, maybe someone near us, someone in our family needs some intercession, maybe those uninterested in listening to the gospel, God may see potential in them.  Let us be careful of the detail and may God help us to be more fruitful, may help us to be more fruitful in His vineyard.