Tsutomu Miyata - Japan 2011

Dear Ones far and near,

Thank you for your concern for us here in Japan.  I'll give you just a few lines to let you know about the earthquake which hit Japan yesterday and the staff and the friends here. 

They are all fine as far as I know.  One lady from Sendai is only one we don't know how she is as it is hard to get in touch with by phone or other way.  They can't give us the telephone service to the area where they were hit by the earthquake as yet.  So, I can't get in contact with the Sendai-Fukushima sisters but by Noami's email we know they and the friends are safe. 

Maomi said that the toaster which was on top of the cupboard came down and also an oven which was placed on top of the frig., came down also but no other damage.  The sisters in Horosaki just phoned me and told that they (Sumako Miyazato and Tara Ives) are all fine.  They used a public phone to get in touch as the house phone couldn't be used.  The sister's bach in Chiba maybe the worst hit by the earthquake as its roof tiles were blown away at its top part.  The landlord provided a canvas to cover the roof to prevent any rain.  The part of the walls got a few cracks but other than that it is alright.     So, the workers and friends in Chiba, Sendai and Fukushima and also Hirosaki sisters  seemed to be the ones hit badly.  

We feel for others who are suffering a lot as they don't know the comfort and safety in Christ.  As some of you said we'd like to pray for them that these things will awaken the hearts of those who are seeking the truth.   

We are alright here in Osaka as we are far away from the epi-center, some 650-700 kiro meters away,  about 500 miles. 

Excuse more.  Thanks again for your concern.

Yours in Him,

Tsutomu Miyata