Una Hedderman - Three Questions - Booyong - 1958

I’m sure each one of us can say with David that “A day in Thy courts is better than a thousand.  I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness.”  (Psalm 84:10)  God has meant more to us than we could ever expect Him to be. Worldly expectations invariably don’t come up to the mark.


“From the best bliss that earth imparts,

We turn unfilled to Thee again...”


God has brought us into His banqueting house, and His fruit is sweet to taste.


It is a lovely thing to get into the shade after a long walk in the sun.  How good it is when we can come under His shadow and taste the fruit that’s sweet to our taste.  These meetings have been some of the most searching I’ve ever sat in.  God just seems to be taking stock.  While He is stock-taking, He is also stock-replenishing too.  I would like to come before Him with a soft and tender heart.


There are three searching questions some were asked in Bible days that could be asked of us today, too.  One is a simple question that requires a straight answer.


Ruth was steadfastly minded to go all the way.  Twice she was asked to return to her country, but she would not go back.  Why wouldn’t she?  Because her heart was won!  There was never any thought in her heart of going back.  She was steadfastly minded to go ALL THE WAY.  She didn’t know what to expect because she was going to a strange land, but she learned to love and admire the ONE that was in tune with God.  If our heart is won, there will never be any thought of us going back.


“Come, brothers, on and forward! With us the Father goes:

He leads us and He guards us, Through thousands of our foes.

The sweetness and the glory, The sunlight of His eyes,

Make all the desert places To bloom as paradise.”


Columbus was sure he would find land, even though his crew wasn’t so hopeful. It wasn’t smooth going because no one had gone that way before. Over and over they said, “We will go back.” But every time Columbus said, “We will go on.” In the log book each day it was written, “And so we sailed on.”


I looked at the question Ruth’s mother-in-law put to her, “Where hast thou gleaned today?  And where wroughtest thou?”  I wonder where we have been during the year.  What have we wrought?  Have we been gathering material for Eternity?  TIME is God’s greatest asset to man and the sacrifice of TIME is one of the hardest.  The adversary of our soul will see we won’t have time. Pharaoh said to the children of Israel, Ye are idle, so we’ll give you more work to do.”  The adversary of our soul would like to keep us busy today.  It’s so very easy to waste time.  There are places we could be gleaning but they wouldn’t be of any help.  Naomi said to Ruth, “Go not to glean in another field.”


There are some places that aren’t good for God’s children to be found. There are some places where no child of God should go, as those who know them would wonder, “What are you doing there?”  There are places in Malaya that have a notice posted up, “Out of bounds to troops.” Whether you are an Australian or a native of that country, they know it’s not good for them to be in those places as they’re out of bounds.  We are soldiers of the King of kings.  There are no notices up but there’s something inside of us that tells us it’s not the place to be found in, especially if Jesus should call us that day.  Ruth stood fast by the maidens.  It’s a lovely thing to stand by those who are in God’s Harvest Field.  There are little bits of encouragement along the way.  No, we will not lose if we glean in the place God wants us at.  There is every help for those that stand fast in the place God has put them. 



In Luke 24:17  Jesus said, “What manner of communications are these that ye have one to another, as ye walk, and are sad?”  Isn’t that a searching question?  What kind of communication do you have when you walk together or sit at home together?   Ephesians 4:29, “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.”   We can’t help hearing but we can help repeating.  The only way to pass on helpful communication to each other is to keep the line of communication open between us and God.  It’s our communication with God and His dear children that helps us pass on good communication.


Those men were discussing something that was near to their hearts.  If Jesus were to draw near and ask us about our communications, would you be afraid to tell Him, or ashamed to tell Him?  Someone said. "If we could listen in and record everything we have said in one day, we might feel very ashamed."


One short question was asked three separate times.  What seek ye?”  That’s another searching question.  The Bible tells us what to seek, how to seek and when to seek.  “Seek Me early, and ye shall find Me.”  Early morning might be the greatest sacrifice you make all day, but make it, and it will do you good. Without God’s presence we wouldn't dare go on.  “Seek the Lord while He may be found.”  “When the Lord said unto me, 'Seek ye My face,' my heart said, 'Thy face, Lord, will I seek after.'”  The Lord speaks to us.  How do ye seek?  If ye seek Me diligently with thy whole heart, ye shall find Me.”  Seek for the things of God as it’s hidden treasure.  People put a lot of strength and time into seeking the things of earth.


During the gold rush, men and women were willing for anything.  They left homes and jobs to seek this earthly treasure.  To find the hidden treasure calls for diligence.  A great deal of time and strength is put forth in seeking this wonderful treasure.  We want to let Christ come in, “...in whom is hid all the treasures of the god-head bodily.”  We should seek that which is not our own.  If the love of God is in our heart, we will not seek our own.  “Let no man seek his own, but every man another’s wealth.”  We are seeking for another’s benefit, not our own.  We want to walk in this Way of God and co-operate in seeking to be a help; we want to promote the wealth of God’s children.


We might be only one person but we can do much with God’s help. A worm and a mulberry leaf can make silk.  It’s a very humble combination, but something fine is produced.  If we all are combined, and if we seek to be a help to each other, something very beautiful, very fine, can be produced.  Every claim made upon the life of Jesus was subordinate to God’s claim.  Paul said, “I seek not my own profit, but the profit of many.”  He lived for others and he didn’t seek his own.  Moses, had he been seeking his own, would have been great.  God said, “I will make of thee a great nation.”  Moses was meek, and meekness means the absence of self.  It was so evident in the life of Moses that he never sought his own.  It’s a lovely thing to have the desire in our hearts of not seeking our own, but anther’s welfare.  We are told what to seek.  “Seek the Lord and His righteousness.”  We must seek His face continually.  After times of great blessing, there comes times of great testing.  We must be prepared to go forth during these times of great testing.  We need to seek His face continually if we want to prevail.  “If thy presence go not with us, carry me not up hence.”   We are not equal - we need to seek His face continually.  “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…”  Don’t seek great things for yourself but seek grace and you will find a place.  To seek place will bring us disgrace.


Joseph was asked, “What seek ye?” He gave a wonderful answer, “I seek my brethren.  Is it well with them?  Is it well with the flocks?”  Do we seek the welfare of others?  Joseph had no question about not going to his brethren. Their spirit toward him didn’t alter his spirit toward them.  Jesus said to His disciples, “Whom seek ye?”  Jesus was asked, “Master, where dwellest Thou?” They sought the Lord.  If we seek to get close to Jesus, how good it will be!


Mary Magdalene stayed extra time and she was rewarded.  She was asked, “Whom seek ye?”  And she answered, “They have taken away my Lord.”  She heard the voice of Jesus to her heart say, “Mary.”  Her Beloved had spoken.  “My Beloved speaks, and lo, the riot of my heart is still.  I am his and he is mine.”   Our Beloved Bridegroom of our soul seeks to speak to us today.  Our rioting thoughts can be stilled.  In the Song of Solomon there was a wonderful union between the people and Christ.  He is our Beloved.  Song of Solomon 3:6, “Who is this that cometh out of the wilderness?”  We have come out of the wilderness and are leaning on the Beloved, the ONE who can tide us over in any experience. “Lean hard, My child, lean hard.”  We can go forth wholly dependent on our Beloved, and He will lead us onto victory.