Unknown Speaker - Noah

Noah walked with God. When we look at little children, sometimes we see they walk like their parents; when we think of the walk of Noah, a man walking with God, who is he like?

In Genesis 5, we read of a man called Enoch. This man called Enoch had a walk just like Noah. It tells us he walked with God all the days of his life. Enoch was the great-grandfather of Noah. Noah did not meet him. Maybe he heard about him from his family. Here was Noah wanting to do the same thing.

Wrong will always be wrong even if every one is doing it, and right will always be right even if no one is doing it. Noah had a conviction in his heart to do right even if nobody was doing it. God will give us power to be separate to live in this world and yet be not of it.

Another thing Noah had was a careful walk. I'm sure he felt his responsibility of his influence on his family. The lesson I learnt from the shade of a tree, is that its influence spreads where it cannot be.