Unknown Speaker - Noah

We've had a wonderful convention here and I don't see how you could improve upon it.  Suppose that Noah could come up on this platform, and he would witness and testify to what he experienced in his life and the faith that moved him to obey. Faith really isn't faith, it isn't saving faith, it is a very shallow faith unless it moves us to obey. It moved these people to obey. It moved Noah for approximately 120 years. He just believed, and even though he didn't see any evidence of what was going to happen, he kept on building.

And if the men and women in this chapter [11th Hebrews] came up here, they would just tell us: keep on living by faith; keep on obeying, keep on doing the Lord's will. Don't draw back, don't drift, don't doubt, and don’t be discouraged, and don't go back to perdition; just go on to perfection.