William Walker - Philippines - Monday, November 11, 2013 8:45 AM

My Dear Family, Fellow-workers, and Friends!

My thoughts have gone to many of you and especially as more and more requests have come asking for news of our friends and workers in the affected areas by the recent super storm that passed over the central Visayan Islands. I will give an account of what I know first. Then, I will give you our news here from Taiwan.

As of this letter, all of our workers are accounted for. The brothers in the South Leyte field, Florencio and Richard, are safe. Richard sent a more detailed e-mail just yesterday. They have power interruption in their southern town of Hinunangan, but the cell phone tower is still working. Perhaps they are using a generator. The brothers tried to contact by phone those who had cell phones. Only Mrs Buta had real damage to her home not far from the bach. But, the bach and other homes seemed to have escaped. Everyone of our friends were alright at the little fellowship meetings along the coast not far from the bach. But, there is no contact yet with three of the meetings in the mountains and especially Abuyog town which is farther north and about 1.5 hours south travel time from the city of Tacloban where so many people were killed in the storm. We have one friend in Palo just west of Tacloban, the grandmother of our Melinda Pedrosa who is laboring in Bolivia now. The sisters who are responsible for that field, Cecilia and Aida, have had a little damage to their bach on the west side of Leyte and with roads damaged and power out, they haven't been able to contact the other friends in their field as of yet.

The two sisters on Cebu Island, Lolita and Luningning, are alright and no damage to their bach at the convention home. Lolita said the severe winds and rain only lasted two hours from before noon time on Friday and until about 1 pm. The storm thankfully also was moving fast over land as well as having super fast destruction winds. I received Lolita's e-mail Sunday am. As of her e-mail, they have had no contact with the friends yet on Bohol where the earthquake did so much damage, nor with with some of the friends on Cebu who live in more remote parts. However, all the friends on Bohol were safe and none suffered injury during the recent earthquake there.The two sisters in Panay and Negros Islands, Johna and Jeanlyn, are both fine and reported no damage to homes where they were. Other workers in Mindanao island and areas further north were not in the path of the severe winds and only had pouring rain for a few hours while the storm was passing. This is all the information that I have as of present. Fortunately we have no friends in the hardest hit city of Tacloban where so many died.