Williams, West Australia Convention Gems - 2000

 Call upon God - not upon anyone else or anything else.

Break down every barrier so that we can come right into the presence of Jesus, where the power of the Lord is present to heal. Deal with barriers and then the Lord will do the impossible.
We have to vandalize the evil one's efforts so that we can get in touch with Jesus.
There is only one way to approach unto God and that is with a yielded heart. There is only one way to serve God and that is with a yielded life.
If the Bridegroom came back, how would He feel if he found we had lost our treasure and hadn't been looking for it?
We will feed what we love. We will take time for what we love.
The lion roars and scares the prey to give up without a fight.
The church at Ephesus left their first love - it was deliberate, and that is worse than losing it.
Faith sees it, hope reaches out for it, and love pays the price.
Love will abide even though faith and hope is lost inside.
It is better to have made a few mistakes, and have gained a little because of it, than to have not made a mistake and gained nothing.
Molten gold was thrown onto the floor. The dross made a lot of fuss, but the gold was quiet and in its shape. Good gold cools quickly.
When Jesus has control of a life, everything is in order.
When the Spirit of God is in control, we will know what the will of God is.
When we allow the Lord to choose, then we will prosper.
We could be stirred up without being moved. We must be moved to do what's right, and what is right is to be more like Jesus. It will always bring the best when it is God's will and we surrender to it.
Simeon could say, "My eyes have seen Thy salvation." All the human would have seen was a poor helpless babe.
What we believe and not believe is really measured by what we do and what we don't do.
It has always pleased God to restore His ministry on the earth. Sometimes there has been a lapse, but after a lapse it's the same ministry again.
Terrible to find beautiful strands of fine silky white wool in the fence - because of a sheep leading a little lamb outside into danger and death.
God knows all about me. It used to make me feel insecure, but now it is my security because it means He knows and understands my need.
If you want to explain God to a child, talk to them about Jesus because He was the express image of the Father. We see all that God is and what He stands for in Jesus.
It is easy to dwell in the place of criticism because we don't have to pray, meditate, consider, etc. there - all we have to do is open our mouth.
We cannot lead a horse to water, but we can salt his oats and create a thirst.
When the Lord gave the manna each day, they would know that God knows where I am in the journey and He knows my need.
In John 8 Jesus wrote on the ground as He said to the Pharisees, "He who is without sin let him first cast a stone at her." He didn't look them in the face so that they would be obliged to give an answer, but He gave them opportunity to sort it out for themselves.
Am I pointing men to me or to the Lamb?
Caleb's daughter would have been encouraged by the spirit of her father, and it caused the same spirit in her of wanting to gain the inheritance.
When Jephthah made the vow that day he was the only one who knew it. Later on his daughter knew about it also. Then many knew about it and gathered together for 4 days every year to speak about the sacrifice that brought deliverance to Israel . Like those going into the work, and then at convention remembering the cost of our salvation.

Judas didn't appreciate even the least sacrifice, and so therefore he didn't appreciate the greater sacrifice.
Keep a right spirit in the midst of strife and then that spirit can be done away with.
Genesis 21:10, this shows the meekness of Abraham. He was used to Sarah calling him Lord, and now he must listen to what she said and accept it as from the Lord.

Moses chose to suffer affliction with the people of God. He could have chosen differently and had a name in the annuals of history, but then he wouldn't have had his name in the Lamb's Book of Life.
It isn't always the ill foe that hinders, but the enemy that would keep us back from choosing the best....choosing the good, but not the best.
God is too kind to cause unnecessary suffering and too wise to make a mistake.
Years will tell what days are doing. Time is precious. Time is worth more than money, because you cannot buy a moment of time.
It is nice to see the Kingdom growing, but it is also nice to see individual growth.
There will never be a substitute for redemption.
There is only power in the pure and spotless Lamb. We want to be careful of the Lamb that we are sharing with others. Is it a spotted Lamb, or the pure and spotless lamb? The human in us would be more comfortable with a spotted lamb, because a spotless Lamb shows up our own sin.
It is easy to get into business of faultfinding because it doesn't need any capital or character.
Hannah was given a worthy portion, but it was only by going further that she received a song.
God's provision is always greater than our need.
Those who are successful are those who are little in their own eyes.
Build our lives on the spirit of sacrifice every day.
He desires that we put our whole life into the will of God. It may be at high risk, but the return is extremely high. It is absolutely safe investment, because it has the guarantee of God behind it.
When we are distressed we disturb the Master's peace, because He desires quietness to dwell. Mark 4:38
A dead person has no feeling and no knowledge. Nothing appeals and they cannot be aroused. Good to be dead to the world and the things in it.
Everything about the way of God in unique - One faith, One Lord, One baptism, etc, etc.
A lot of choices won't mean anything in 100 years' time, but the choice concerning our soul is a life and death matter and it is forever.
Missing meetings will bring a self-inflicted famine.
The hardest way will be the right way, because human nature will always want to take the easiest path.
It is good to think of when time and season are no more and what the choices we are making today will mean then.
If we throw our peace and conviction away, we can't just go and pick it up again easily, because it's only given to us by God. The narrow way is narrower than we think - maybe just as wide as Jesus' footprints.
Stop and examine the life of Christ in detail.
The great Shepherd of the sheep lived as a lamb, and no other shepherd has done that. That is why He can understand every struggle.
If we took Jesus out of the Bible, we would have nothing left.
We can be thankful, but never thankful enough!

All the coldness in the world couldn't quench the love of Jesus. His countenance was as the sun shining in its strength.
Man did his best to hinder the resurrection; they even paid people to tell lies. False religion are paid to tell lies, but Jesus was never paid to tell the Truth and nor are His servants.
The victory equation is "I must decrease and He must increase."
In the sporting world, records are broken all the time, but Jesus' victory was permanent.
May we see that Jesus walked in the dust to lift me from the dust.
The Lord who snatched us from the fire isn't going to allow Satan to take us from Him easily.
Seeing the crown and the resurrection will encourage sacrifice.
When we make a vow, we are entering into something that we cannot do, and we ask for the power of God to do it.
It is hard to refuse the spirit of a child, so go to our brother in the spirit of a child.
The Philistines cut off Samson's hair but they didn't get the root of it and it grew to give him victory again. There are things we can lose, but if the root of the matter is in us we will go on to victory.
Mature fruit is when we can return good for evil. "Be perfect" - or in other words, "Be mature."
Charity seeketh not her own - it lives outside the circle of self.
Things we say and do will impress, but it is what we do that inspires.
Meek is a word used to describe a horse that is fully broken yet retains its metal, zeal, strength, and vigor.
It is no use being in the place God wants us to be in if we are not in the condition He wants us to be in.
Knowledge walks proudly because he knows so much. Wisdom walks lowly because he knows so little.
I would like that my life would speak louder than my words.
Life is a battlefield or a playground. It is easy to remain in the playground, but how will we finish if we remain there?
All that we are and all that we have is at the service of the icing" [king ??] - Australia 's message to U.K. during World War 2
When God was with the children of Israel no enemy, was too strong. When He wasn't with them, no enemy was too weak.
If there is no struggle, there is no victory. If there is no victory, there is no song.
If we don't fill our place and value our place, we might lose our place.
The comfort zone of God is not always comfortable to the flesh, but it is safe.
In the war, the allies didn't win every battle but they did win the last battle.
God gave His best to us - He had nothing greater to give. He emptied Heaven of Jesus.
Life is an investment and we can buy the Truth with our lives. The currency we would use is a yielded life.
If we put a price on Truth, Satan will buy us out.
Our source of satisfaction isn't going to come from without, but from within.
No one is ever forced into the will of God. We do it because we love it.
Convention begins with a soft heart.
Retaliation doesn't bring rest - it just takes away our peace.
If the Spirit of God is leading we will never take a wrong turn.
The Bible not only tells us what God can do, but it also tells us what man can't do - "It is not in man that walketh to direct his steps."
Some seek for what will suit them rather than for what will save them.
If we think the way of God is too hard and don't do His will, we will always think that. But if we do His will, we will see that His way is a way of peace and joy and love.
False religions play around with the word of God and it becomes hybrid seed, which will not produce fruit after the true seed. All the forces of nature cannot shake what is of God. But if a person is not standing on the rock then they will be affected. Forget ourselves and our weakness and partake from the King's table that which will give us strength.
Mephibosheth loved the King more than he loved himself.
Faith takes the guesswork out of our lives.
If you want to die in the will of God you have to live in the will of God.
It was safer for Joseph to be in Egypt than to be in his house and surrounded by the hatred of his brethren. It was safer for him to be in prison than to be tempted by Potiphar's wife.
The Bible is full of conditions and promises. If we focus on the promises it will help us to be more willing for the conditions. To walk as He walked we have to alter our stride and put our feet exactly in His footprints.
If we are walking in the light as He is in the light, when we see a problem we will alter our step to go around it or step over it.  Joshua asked that the day be extended (Joshua 10). He wasn't asking for more men, more swords, more strength - but just for more light.

When you deny self, you are denying selfishness.
Go out from convention willing and you will go out with joy.
May the Lord teach us to number our days and make our days count.