Willie Brown - Egypt and Palestine - Las Vegas, New Mexico Convention - July, 1947

One of the things which makes these meetings so solemn to me is the thought that we are going to be richer or poorer eternally, as result of them. A Christian life is a progressive life. I like to think of God leading us on from one experience to another. Deuteronomy 11:10 to 12. I don't know of any two countries in which there is a greater contrast than Eygpt and Palestine. I don't know of any people in whose lives there are greater contrasts than the children of night and the children of day. Moses, though he was a Hebrew, looked like an Egyptian after spending years in Egypt. Exodus 2:19. After spending 7 years in Egypt I went to Palestine where people would say to me, "You've been to Egypt." There is a difference in the language. The language of this world and the language of Heaven are two very different languages. Ruth said, "I am not like thy maidens." Ruth 2:13.


The Egyptians know nothing of mountain climbing. All the good things we enjoy have cone to us through the beautiful mountain of the Gospel. Isaiah 52:7. Mt. Ararat, upon which the ark rested, Genesis 8:4 could be called the mountain of rest. Jesus said, "Come ye yourselves apart and rest awhile." Mark 6:31. "Sabbath" means rest. Why did the people of God go into captivity? Because they took the time that belonged to God. Don't be in a hurry when you get on your knees to pray. Many things in the service of God make us tired in mind and body, but bring us soul rest. His yoke is easy. Why? Because we're keeping step with Him. It's beautiful in South Africa to see as many as 16 oxen put their necks under the yoke and keep step. Issachar saw that rest was good. Genesis 49. What would be the best picture of rest in the Bible? Shepherd's and sheep. The people of God should be the happiest and most contented people on the earth. I have seen shepherds with oil that they pour on the heads of the sheep. If there is one thing above another that I would desire it would be to have the heart of a shepherd, to lead, guide and feed the flock. Song of Solomon 1:7 and 8, "Tell me where Thou makest Thy flock to rest at noon."


I'm never happier than when I am beside the Shepherd's tents. Mt. Moriah is the mount of Choice. Thinking over some of the major choices in my own life, I have concluded that there are no minor choices in any of our lives. At 10 years of age, I was face to face with the question "Where will you spend eternity?" I said, "Lord, here is my life, take and use it any way that you wish." I'm glad I had a desire to pray, and to read the word of God.


There was another choice to make when I went in the work and when I went to new fields. I crossed the USA. in 1919 going to New Zealand. Later went to South Africa, where I had lonely days, "Anywhere with Jesse I am not afraid, Anywhere without Him dearest joys would fade."


In 1930 I was asked to make another choice, to go to Egypt. Landed there July 4, 1931. After 16 years through the labor of half a dozen of us, there are 35 or 40 walking in the truth. Most of them Greeks.


From there my companion and I went to Lebanon and I said, "If my life is buried in the foundation of the work of God in this land, and lost sight of, and someone else can build on that foundation I'll be glad." More than all else in life I would desire the guidance of God.


"Judah is a lion's whelp," Genesis 49:9. There are three degrees of victory:  lion's whelps (or cubs), young lions and old lions. I think of the irresponsibility of young people as being like the lions cubs, but we like to see them growing up. The young lions have more courage than wisdom. Many times in my first days I didn't understand the secret conflict of those who brought us food, as the older lions go through conflict td get food for their young. I have been told that an old lion will never spring until he is sure, "Who shall rouse him up?" Not roused up in the flesh, but moved by the spirit of God. It may be that you are on Mt. Moriah today, and that you are going to say, "Lord, here is my life, take it, use, and if you open the way I'm going to put my life into your service." Abraham means "lofty father." He had high ideals. Lot saw the well-watered plain of Jordan. His commercial brain began to work, his acquisition led him to choose selfishly. Genesis 13.


Later he was in Sodom and taken captive. Abraham risked his life and all that he had to save Lot who had failed. This is where true greatness is seen. Genesis 14. In the eventide of life the greatest test came to Abraham when he was asked to offer Isaac, Genesis 22. Every time I meet a brother or sister, I'm going to leave them weaker or stronger. If our relationship is first right with God, it will be right with others. Abraham said to his young men, "Abide ye here, I and the lad will go yonder and worship." He knew how far to let his friends go. Learn to know how far to let your friends go. Isaac had always seen his father taking a lamb, making sacrifice, so he asked, "Where is the lamb for a burnt offering?" Abraham said, "God will provide." It's not your business or mane to worry about the future. One of the saddest things that could happen would be that person could have a morning sacrifice gladly given to God, then allow a blemish to mar their evening sacrifice. Jacob gave Benjamin in the eventide of life. At first he was unwilling to give him, but he finally said, "Take balm, honey, money, and take your brother." Genesis 43:11 to 14. They had a long journey from their home in Egypt to Canaan, but it led to one of the most touching meetings in the Bible. Is there a little Benjamin in your life? Something or somebody you don't want to give up. Why the wagons and food? Benjamin had been given. Mt. Horeb, the Mt. of preparation, where Moses saw the burning bush and heard the voice of God. Exodus 3. Moses was told to take off his shoes, for he was standing on holy ground. You could not go on Mt. Moriah today with your shoes on, for the Masque of Omar is there and the Mohammadans think it is holy ground. Do you think we go into the homes of the saints to do, and say what we like, and to take liberties? No! It is holy ground. Mt. Sinai is and of the highest peaks on the mountain range which is called Mt. Horeb. Mt. Sinai is called the mount of revelation. Sometimes we fear, not so much going out of the way as stagnation. The cure of stagnation is revelation. We saw an Arab carrying a Greek up six flights of stairs and learned that the Greek was thus carried to his office to his work every day. Why? He had a weak heart and wasn't able to climb the stairs. Do you know what need for mountain climbing? Strong hearts. Psalms 125. Mount Zion. The mount of trust, or confidence, the highest within Jerusalem. The people who are strong are not these who trust in themselves, or others, but those who trust in the Lord. My confidence in my own human nature, and in the human nature of others, is nothing, but my confidence in God is deeper than ever. If we walk uprightly before God, others can have confidence in us, as Paul had confidence in Philemon and in Aquilla and Priscilla, There is a fellowship that is not so helpful, for it is tainted too much with humanity. May God see that we're presenting a united front to the enemy. Psalms 133. What is one of the sweetest experiences I've had since going into the work? The fellowship of the young men, who've been with me. I could be a preacher, yet not be a companion, John said, "I am your brother and companion." Revelations 1. It is not difficult, to be a brother to a faithful brother. What did Joseph look upon? Hungry brothers, but jealous and unfaithful brothers. Joseph at 17 years of age was a sheaf that stood upright. Twenty-two years later he was a loaf of bread. The chaff was gone, the leaven of the kingdom of God had come into his life, he had been baked in the fire of persecution and tribulation and was bread. Paul could send Timothy to the homes of the saints, knowing that he was going to leave footprints in those homes that others could safely follow. Paul could trust Timothy. What are you going to do when others most need your friendship? Jonathan left David when he most needed a friend. Ittai, whose names "Companionable," was loyal to David. Oh! that this fellowship one with another might grow and become like the pyramids of Egypt, which are so closely united you couldn't get a post card, nor a pen knife between them. Oh! that we might understand this loyalty! Mt. Hermon the mount of fellowship. Would you like to go into your little Sunday morning meeting with the dew of Mt. Hermon? You can if you first have fellowship with God. In Matthew 5 Jesus was on the mount of exhortation, teaching the disciples. In Luke 4, Jesus was on the mount of temptation. Gilboa was the Mt. of defeat. Saul fell there.

It is better to be little among the great than to be great among the little. In Revelations 21:10 John saw the heavenly mount. Babylon, the great city had been overthrown, but John had invested his life in the service of God and God could show him a city with foundations, the new Jerusalem. God will never honor any man, saint, or servant, who is out to glorify his own name. This city is pure gold, nothing human there. Thank God we can look to a city that no atomic bomb can destroy! Most touching of all is Mt. Calvary, the mount of sacrifice, where Jesus was crucified. At the end of the life of Jesus what a battle! His best friends were sleeping as He prayed in agony. 0h that we would have loyal hearts like those few who walked up Calvary's hill with Him! The most intense battles He aver fought were fought in physical weakness, but in spiritual strength. Be it hills or valleys, God will give us grace to the end of the way