Willie Clark - Rochedale, Queensland, Australia Convention - 1967

Proverbs 24:3, “Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established.” I Corinthians 3, “Ye are the temple of God.” The privilege that is ours that we are called of God and He has begun His work of saving us and informing us. Proverbs 24, the house being built, established and filled with all precious and pleasant riches. Wisdom, understanding and knowledge. Understanding is knowledge acquired. Wisdom is knowledge applied. We are only reckoned among the boys as we do God’s will. Don’t say a wise man desires to build on the rock, they need to lay a good foundation. Jesus is the rock foundation. The other man probably just had the thought of building a house. Jesus didn’t say it was a bad house, but it was built on the sand. Someone asked the minister, "How does our church stand with the scripture?" He said, "It is nearest to the scripture I know." That made that man profess. He didn’t want to have something that was near. Get to know the God of our rock foundation, get the blueprint, we have in Jesus. Accept His rules and way. Anxious to do things in the point of way.

 Whom do men say that I am?” Who do you say I am? Jesus wanted to find out if they had the understanding that He was the Christ. It is not a formal thing, going on with others, but a very personal revelation. Through understanding the house is established. Very important work, it should take all our effort to understand better how the work of God can be established in us. Nothing hindering His work from going on. Established and settled in the truth. Clear understanding of the will of God. If we are established, the winds and storms and dark experiences that come will not move us. Prayer is one of the greatest ways we can get great work. Prayer is a mighty source of power and pray, meditation, read. Opportunities of confessing; giving my testimony is a strength to me. People have asked questions and it has made me turn to the Bible for the answer. We are weak and not able to stand against the test if we don’t use a provision God has made. The devil comes in full force to try and defeat.

Through much slothfulness the building decayeth and through idleness of the hands the house droppeth through.” One day when it was raining, a wife said to her husband, "John, there are some leaks in the roof." He said, "I can’t do anything about it now it is raining." A few days later, she said to him, "What about those leaks, John?" "Oh, it is arraigned now and it isn’t necessary to do it." I tend to that which would establish our little house. Many little things that would come into our lives. What damage will this leak do in our lives? Young people could keep a course in life that was for the future for God. Old people could take a course that will spoil their past. Could do things today that we could never undo.

A Father told his son to knock a nail into a piece of wood. "That is easy," he said; "Now take nail out of the wood." He said, "I could do that, too." The father said, "Now take the hole out of the wood," and the son said, "I cannot do that." Don’t do things that would be like that and often outside the house is a hedge or a wall or offence to keep out what should be outside and to protect what is inside. “As the mountains are around about Jerusalem so the Lord is around about His people.” People will separate from your company because of you being true to the Lord. It is impossible to help the world today if we live with them. God’s people separated from the beginning; from His own pleasure. Are you as the apple of His eye; a tender spot in His heart for all His redeemed ones? There are things we have to see for ourselves. One woman said, "I would like to serve the Lord, but I cannot separate from my people." They do not desire to serve the Lord, the filling of the house. An empty house echoes, and makes a lot of noise. God doesn’t want our lives to be empty. No one feels their house with all beds for all tables. Right furniture and serviceable. Filled with that we choose to the honour and glory of God. Those precious and pleasant things.

Galatians 5, I do not think there is anything more pleasant than the fruit of the spirit. Nothing more serviceable, precious and pleasant as these riches that will make our lives are attractive and helpful. Don’t be lopsided, no extremes. Something to elaborate, but that which all can enjoy in the home. Our lives are like that, that others can fit in with us and enjoy what God has done in our lives. Not all preaching; the practical. Able to comfort others with a comfort where with God has comforted us.

II Peter 1, partakers of eternal life. Give all diligent and add to faith. Seven fruits to make us useful and we may have a little and develop them more. It will make us that we will not be barren or unfruitful. When the opportunity comes, we will be in the place where God can use us to be a help and a blessing to others. If ye do these things, ye shall never fall. For so and entrance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the kingdom. A Chinese girl said, "Brotherly kindness is exclusive for the children of God, the charity takes in everybody." Christ loved and gave Himself for the church. Christ as a Son over His own house, whose houses are we. It we belong to Him, we will ask, "Should I do this or should I do that?"

II Timothy 3, thoroughly furnished. The word of God and be doers of it. Another piece, the looking glass that is the word of God. Looking into it so I will know what I am like as I go out amongst others. Our privilege to live for God. May we show forth His saving grace day by day. Amen.