Willie Donaldson - Favorite Quotes

What suits us doesn’t save us, and what saves us doesn’t suit us.

To be true to impressions made upon us, and to be faithful to our own expressions


Most necessary thing in a child of God's life is true fellowship with. God, and then we may have fellowship with one another.


Nothing can help us as much in the storms of life as the help of God.


Good conscience is guided by the word of God.


God keeps life in His own hands.


Have a sensitive and a tender conscience.


People with life feel things when the kingdom suffers loss.


When we commence to serve God, we have only one percent of divine nature and this should grow greater.   


The more we are a misfit in this life, the more we will fit in heaven.


The only thing worth having and doing is the will of God.


We all need sober thoughts about ourselves.


No part wanders as much as our minds, and the devil works his greatest work in our minds.     


Our own ideas, thoughts have a stronghold on us.


Measure the temple, measure the alter, measure the worship, by the rod of gold which is Christ.


Aim at and for the approval of God.  If we get His approval now, we get His "Well done" later on.


Don't let anything take away any part of our sacrifice or our service.


First things first.


People who have a fear of God want to make changes.


Unity is harmony with heaven.


Profession is not the thing, but possession.


The fruit of our hearts feed God; the fruit of our lips feed others.


True praise is from a yielded heart and life.


Eleven disciples were the savour of Christ in the world.


The potters house was one side a heap of clay, and, the other side, no clay but finished vessels.


Vows made on holy days are paid on lonely days.


Preserve a forgiving spirit and a patient spirit.


The more we prove God, the more you praise God..


We have to walk to heaven.  With humility, we can endure a lot, but the opposite causes contention.


The devil says don't suffer for Him and save yourself, but God says sacrifice yourself; sacrifice is not a loss but rather a profit now and eternally.


Knowledge and education is increasing but the world is getting darker and darker.


True children of God are becoming more conspicuous and we wouldn’t like it to be otherwise.


If the salt or the bearing of the cross goes out of our lives, Christ goes out also.


Oil in the vessel is a right relationship with our God.


What influence is leading me most?


If we don't pay the price, we will pay the penalty.


Our tongue goes a way which our feet are not willing to follow.


Looking back we should be thankful and grateful, and looking forward we should be hopeful.


No second chance in life.


To be a person who is easily turned and to keep soft, never get hard.


We tend to escape the experiences that reveal to others the love of God.


Daniel never compromised.


Our difference to the world is that God speaks and we respond.


The strength of this kingdom is the homes of God's people.


Go through the world and touch things lightly, but make our service to God last.

Ounce of forethought is worth a ton of after thought.


Which direction are we pitching our tent?

Not always easy to believe God, but unbelief is the sin of the world.


Daniel went into the lions den because he believed God.


The bible is a record of Victories, Journeys, and Defeats.


Prayer changes things.

"Fear not" is in the bible 365 times - one for every day of the year.


Education enables people to cover things up and human nature loves to cover up, but nobody gets away with anything in this kingdom.


Mercy is something we get that we don't deserve, and we get it over and over again.


First sacrifice God wants is our bodies, second is to give our time.


Our hope that we want to be made like Him -  this is a daily work.


All true men in the word of God were easily turned and changed.


When Moses came out of the wilderness, he had a shepherd's heart.


We tend to shun the very experiences that would make us rich towards God.


God's children are called Israel after Jacob because all God's children must be changed.


Keep the world and its rubbish out of our minds and our lives.


Anything that God puts His finger on, don’t touch it.


If we want change, it must come from God.


It’s the service we give to God in the spirit that God accepts.


Nothing can change us like a vision from heaven.


Little child is easily led, taught, without any malice, hardness, and gets over things easily.


Some only see the tests and fail to see the opportunities.


We tend to limit the power of God.


We can do the right thing but in the wrong way.


The most precious thing in the kingdom is a faithful true example.


Battle with today, keep true to nightfall.


The bounds are the will of God.  Will it help us get closer to God or will it drive us away from God?


Watch your tongue when with others, watch your spirit at all times.


Keep our walk clean and help others to keep their walk clean.


Bond of love in the home and the bond of love in God's kingdom keeps us together - this is the greatest thing amongst us.


Love is the greatest power in the home, in the church, and in the work.


Saul lost the fear, love, honour, and the spirit of God - all because he took his own way.


Learn to get over it when someone hurts us.


We need to question our own hearts.


Every test we go through and conquer, we get stronger.


Prayer during the trials of our faith, then God will help us.


Satan’s masterpiece is to cause doubts to arise.

Jesus life was filled with prayer.  Don't neglect prayer - it is the life line, not the side line.


Keep our relationship with heaven right.


No malice, no unforgiveness in a little child.


We have everything to suffer for, live for, and to go onto.


We doubt first, question second, and depart third.


A person in poverty wants and needs something.  Being poor in spirit is the key to the kingdom of heaven.


Heal the broken-hearted.  This is the most common condition in the world today.  Broken-hearted people are disappointed people.


Only fellowship with God can take us all the way.


We gather together to be shown the way.


When God wins a person's heart, that soul is willing to accept everything and nothing will keep them back.


Not a past memory, but a present reality.


Not what we came from, but what we are going to.


Nothing clings to a polished stone.


You cannot take a holiday from serving God.


When the prodigal said, "I am no more worthy to be called thy son," he was never closer to his father than at this time.


Mind is the doorway to our hearts.


Christ is our redeemer now and will be our bridegroom in the future.


Difficulties to some are stumbling blocks, and, to the true, they are stepping stones.


Don't do or say anything that would mar the past or mar the future.


Prove Him more and praise Him better.


Christ in a life, Spirit in the church, and love in the home.


In prosperity, maintain humility.


Love constrains, fear restrains.


Disability in every opportunity, opportunity in every disability.


Easy to get people in the house, but hard to keep them in the house.


Difficulties are excuses for the untrue.


Blessing comes through obedience.


The devil is trying to get us through the failures of the past, or the hopes of the future.


Doubts, questionings, then departing.


Not the doctrine that makes us different but the spirit.


We only get out of serving God just what we put into our service to God.


Redeemer purchases, Saviour preserves.


Not our unworthiness, but our unwillingness, that keeps us out of heaven.


Not a sect or a denomination; but a family.


Many profess but don't walk accordingly.


Courage is not without fear, but we have courage in spite of our fear.


Results come through obedience and submission.


Peter failed going forward and was helped by God, Judas failed going backward and there was no help for this.


Carelessness leads to prayerlessness.


Preserve a forgiving and a patient spirit.


A soft heart is a troubled heart, if things are not as they should be.


Jesus prayer belongs to God's family, not to the world because it starts with our Father.


The next power to God's power is the power of example in the home.


There is no substitute for sacrifice, obedience, and victory.


Although we have done all we have been able to do, we will still feel we are not ready.


To be not as good as we would like is not so bad as being not as good as we used to be.


We forget the things we should remember, and remember the things we should forget.


The needful things in life hinder us from the better things of life.


Jesus never performed a miracle to make it easier for himself.


Most of my mistakes are caused through lack of prayer.

Correction is the road to perfection.


Submission opens heaven.


Roots of bitterness in our lives is a lack of the grace of God.


Be willing to sacrifice the present things for the future eternal things.


Victory brings sweetness into our lives.


We make the atmosphere and God will be present.


Hallmark of a Christian is reproach.


When we look back we are thankful, as we look forward we are hopeful, and as we look inward, we are disappointed.

There is no competition in serving God.

Greatest sacrifice we can make is time; time to pray, to read, and to partake in fellowship.


The fear of God restrains us and the love of God constrains us.


We can be guilty of giving God any type of service because of drifting.


The virgins were faithful and true; but the lack was inside.


We may hide from others but we can never hide from God, no matter how hard we may try.


The Lord loves to see joy in our lives and in our service.


God makes up to people who miss privileges due to illness, etc., and gives joy.


We can leave a right or a wrong impression.


We need to watch ourselves because this is our greatest enemy.


Keep short accounts with God.


I speak when I should be quiet, and quiet when I should be speaking.


We only get glimpses of Christ and it is an endless story.


At the end of life, we will wish we had done more and put more into our service to God.


Hear and do is wise, hear and not do is foolish.


No substitute for simplicity or sincerity.


Poor in spirit is the condition to get help and receive help.


Mourning spirit is lost opportunity.


Meek people enjoy everything worth having in this world.


It's not the lot of human beings to be satisfied.


Righteousness affects our conscience.  Keep a tender conscience.


God will not allow a child of God to pass through more than He feels is needful.


If we are true, we will become more and more conspicuous.


Fasting is to fast from the things that gratify self, wrong desires, thoughts, and acts.


If God sees us toiling, God will be with us as long as we are trying.


When the outlook is dark, and we look inward we are disappointed with ourselves, we need to look up.


The prospects for this world are not fair ahead, but for the children of God, the prospects are all fair ahead.


Do things in God's time and in God's order.  We should be a time conscience people.


The common sin is putting material things before spiritual things.


Time is easy to waste but hard to sacrifice.


If we honour God, God will honour us.


Don't give your children things that God will have to take from them later.


True bride wants to be ready for the true bridegroom.


The devil gets true people to doubt.  He doesn’t bother others.


The Lord loves to do the impossible when we get to the end of ourselves.


You can only fill the water pots to the brim when they are even and steady.


The little things that only God knows about, we need to get victory over.


Right time, right message, right place.


Remember where God found us and the mercy of God toward us.


If we fail we don't lose salvation, but we lose the joy of serving.


Do we get satisfaction out of serving God?


Salvation means presenting ourselves wholly to God, with no limitations - a living sacrifice.


Make steps and choices according to the will of God.


Meekness is unselfish humility.


Oldest and the youngest must obey to be of any use to God.


Nothing gained by living on a low level.


Poor in spirit - continually feel their need of God.


Pure in heart - right motive in things they do and say.