Willie Hughes - A Preacher's Convention - March 1929

With humbleness and thankfulness,
I take my pen tonight.
For distant friends and brethren
Have requested me to write.

Friends to whom news had come
That in Australia this year,
Workers, messengers of Christ,
Would meet from far and near.

Just nineteen hundred years ago within an upper room
A hundred twenty waited for the Holy Ghost to come.
And, in a tent, we met and numbered 
Just the same as they,

And prayed for that same Spirit,
To descend on us again.
In memory of a worker true,
Upon the opening day,

We sang the words, "Lord Jesus lead,
O lead me lest I stray."

Remembering too, another who
Was ranked amongst the best.

We sang, "Upon a lonely mount
Obeying God's behest."
A brother then addressed us,
And, we know by God, was moved,
On how to serve as Jesus served
And love as Jesus loved.

I trust I grasped the import -
And that we shalt ne'er forget,
That in that simple truth is stored,
More than men ever yet,

Have heard from school or college,
From learned or great or wise,
Of how to be God's messenger 
And run to gain the prize.

We know that Jacob's well is deep,
But simple Truth e'er nerved,
Men's hearts to love as Jesus loved
And serve as Jesus served.

A brother told of how God,
To Moses, His commission gave.
From Egypt's cruel bondage,
To deliver every slave.

God answered all excuses,
Which fearful servant gives.
We listened to a laborer,
fresh from a foreign field,
Speak helpfully and hopefully
Of how that land doth yield.

And how the words of Christ,
To go in His appointed way,
Are practiced and workable,
On foreign shores today.

In other meetings - young and old,
brethren and sisters, too,
Told what the Lord had taught
Them of His work to do.

Of how to preach the Gospel,
How in unity to dwell.
And how to live each passing day
So as to spend it well.

Little was said by anyone
Of sufferings endured,
We scarce remember ought,
Of how the former things allured.

The bride forgets her sorrow
Because a son is born.
We would forget and rise above
Man's hatred and his scorn.

That grand prayer that Jesus prayed,
Our hearts would offer too.
Father "Divine" forgive them,
For they know not what they do.

We all may scatter far away,
Be sundered many a mile,
But as we read, "Come ye 
Yourselves apart and rest awhile."

Our hearts and minds will wonder back
On two sweet days this year,
When fellowship and service,
In the Lord was made more dear.

May we be bound as one in Christ,
None seeking here his own,
And so at last our sheaves to bring
And lay before His throne.

Our one grand purpose here,
Shall be, by God approved,
And ever serve as Jesus served
And love as Jesus loved.