Willie Jamieson - A Worthy Home - India Convention - 1928

A home where God can dwell and be at ease,
Can guide, control, and use just as He please.
His servants prove it as they pass that way
And find a welcome while they have need to stay.

A welcome from a heart true and sincere,
Remembering Him who was a stranger here
And for Christ’s sake receiving those like Him
Who give their lives some precious souls to win.

While beneath that roof His servants find rest,
In body and mind and spirit are refreshed.
Then onward they press one purpose in view -
To spend and be spent, His service to do.

Rejoicing, we hear of souls they have won
And some day we'll share with them His, "Well done;
You have faithfully sought My need to see
When My servants were entrusted to thee."

A home where hospitality abounds
True welcome for God's children there is found.
And oft they prove their Father's love and care
Through His faithful ones abiding there.

Oft times strangers to the Father's love
Have in that home the wonder of it proved.
'Ere going thence a longing has begun
That God might make their humble hearts His home.

So ye who have homes, let them worthy be
For Him who has suffered for you and for me.
Seek first the Kingdom and to its needs see,
Then enjoy it with Him eternally.