Willie Jamieson - Deuteronomy 32

Deuteronomy 32:1-5.  The older I am, I try to understand what God’s servants in other ages tried to put God’s truth before God’s children.  The most worthy place in the world is to be a mouth piece for God.  Some think the difference between a false prophet and a true servant is that one has left his home and one has not, but I don’t possess the kind of a spirit that made Jesus the man He was, that move Him to do the things He did, I’m not a true servant.  I may be able to tell you all those things in the scripture and yet God is not speaking to me and through me.  When God speaks to you, you will know it.  “The voice of God crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord.” 


The voice of God must cry in the wilderness to crying out souls through a voice.  Moses was nearly at the end of his life when he wrote Deuteronomy 32.  It was practically the last words that he spoke.  At every Convention we as servants and saints have the privilege to all that God can speak to us.  It is proved through our speaking and our testimony.


Every time a child of God disobeys Him, He gives them a taste of Hell.  I am glad He chastises and punished us, and the mark of God’s people is that He does chastise and punish them.  If God ceases to chastise me, it proves He doesn’t love me.  Psalms 18:5, "The sorrows of Hell compasses me about or has taken hold of me."  David said, "Moses, the old servant of God, died on the mountain."  God took him away from the people.  He was so dear to the heart of God that He buried him by himself and didn’t invite anyone to the funeral.  Would you like to die on the mountain and above the mist of the world and every thing in the valley that would hinder or would you like to die in the valley?  Some men are retired at 65.  If I had a business, I would want to keep the old man who has grown up with the business.  Experience has taught him valuable lessons.  I’m glad God’s way isn’t like that.  Some of the most useful years in the lives of God’s people are at the end of their lives.  Your perilous days are also at the end of your life.  There will also be greater victories and spoils, so the best days in your life are ahead of you, if you keep true.  One should be able to always look ahead and see greater possibilities of usefulness and fruitfulness to the very end.


My Father and Mother were not professing when I decided to give my life to the Lord in his work.  They were not in favor of my going to preach, and the day I left home there was quite a strain.  Everything was very quiet, nothing was said at the table.  When I was packing my suitcase, I thought my father would offer to take me to the depot, but he didn’t.  When I started down that road, I was conscious of someone walking down that avenue beside me, and it wasn’t God either.  I sat down on my suitcase and wondered if I should go back.  I’d always loved my father very much and didn’t like to grieve him.  I saw my father two times after I left home, and after he had decided for Christ, I saw the joy in his life.  After he decided, my father sat down one night to figure the number of miles he had walked to the synagogue to hear the false prophet.  He said he made it as conservative as he could, and it was 10,000 miles.  He didn’t go back again.  He felt the power that moved his son to leave his home and go forth was something he wanted to find out for himself.


I have been in this work 52 years and I have never prepared a sermon.  I have spent a lot of time getting ready for meeting.  A violin cannot play alone.  If you ask it to play it would be impossible.  It expects the one that takes it up to be able to pour a tune into it.  The Priests could not, dare not serve until he had cleansed himself and his clothes, then he put them on.  This is the same cleansing that must take place before God’s servants can speak.  Iniquity and all of self must be cleansed or God’s judgment will come on them.  God sent fire to destroy those who served in Leviticus 10:2.  One thing that makes me glad when I try to minister is soul’s eager to hear.  “Give ear, O ye heavens and I will speak and hear, O earth, the words of my mouth.”  When the Pharisee’s saw publicans and sinners drawing near to hear, the murmured.  I would rather have the reputation of a sinner than a self-righteous man.  If God truly speaks through his servants, you get a little foretaste of heaven. 


I have heard some say Convention is a waste of time.  I would like to take you back to the feast in the Old Testament which lasted 7 days and then the great day followed.  Their were 70 bullocks offered.  After a feast like this, Jesus cried, “If any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink.”  The reason God had his children keep this tabernacle feast was to show the outside world we dwell in booths and this world is not our home.  If you never get to go to another convention on earth, you will be at a greater convention.  In Revelations 7:9, to the end of the chapter, we read of great multitude which no man could number.  When he heard God’s people saying salvation to our God which sitteth on the throne.”  He was told, “These are they which came out of great tribulation and have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the lamb.”  These verses are a fulfillment of Jesus’ words in Matthew 28, “Go ye and make disciples of all nations,” and spread  this wonderful Gospel. 


It thrills me to think of my past 53 years.  This Gospel seed had been planted in the hearts of his servants to take to the whole world.  God’s people are a hungry people I am not ashamed to be hungry at every meal.  I am not ashamed to sit down to the good breakfast after a good supper.  Neither and I ashamed to be hungry and thirsty before each meeting.


Deuteronomy 32:2, “My doctrine shall drop as the rain,” proves it comes from above.  Did you see rain come from beneath?  God’s servants don’t get what they say from the dictionary, from the Bible, either, but from above.  “My speech shall distil as the dew,”  A Proverb in Scotland is “Every blade of grass has it’s own drop of dew.”  It has distilled there and refreshes that blade of grass.  It is wonderful as I sit in these meetings and God’s word is like dew that comes from heaven and refreshed this heart of mine.  We raised vegetables in the Philippine Islands that were very tender.  If a big rain came, it would break them down.  If a gentle rain came, it would refresh and make them grow.  A small rain upon the tender herb.  What do sheep need most?  An old shepherd once told me when I was a shepherd, “Willie, if you want your sheep to flourish and do well, take them to fresh green grass, preferably no more than 24 hours old.”  They tell us that every sheep chews every mouthful 36 times, in order to make it into flesh and bones Verse 3 - “I will publish the name of the Lord.”  If every servant of God is publishing the name of the Lord, he will be giving a picture of His nature, life and power, so others can see Him.  Everyone who has spoken from this platform has ascribed greatness unto God.  “He is the Rock.”  A rock at the edge of the ocean, stands firm and solid, though the waters dash against it yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 

Can you bring anything against God’s way to change it?  “The foundation of God standeth sure.  Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither show of turning."  Deuteronomy 32:4, "He is the Rock, His work is perfect."  The false prophet tries to tell you that His way has changed since 2,000 years ago.  If a work is perfect you cannot improve upon it. To change it makes a botch of it.  I can take a walk and see wonderful scenery, and can tell you about it, but it is never real to you until you take the same walk.  The Gospel is like that.