Willie Jamieson - Funeral - 1974

October 17, 1974


7612 Greenleaf Avenue

Whittier, California 90602

(310) 698-0955




About 2,500 people attended funeral services in Whittier High School auditorium Tuesday night for a former Whittier resident, William Rankin Jamieson, 93, of Oakland.


Mr. Jamieson was a minister of a non­denominational worldwide fellowship of Christians. According to Patterson and Snively Mortuary, Long Beach, the funeral was the largest they have conducted in 60 years.


Members of the non-denominational fellowship came in caravans from San Diego and Oregon and 100 members chartered a plane from San Francisco to attend the services.


A mortuary spokesman said 500 people here were waiting outside the auditorium door at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday and the services started at 7 p.m. Later, 300 people traveled to Redondo Beach to attend the interment in Pacific Crest Cemetery.


Mr. Jamieson was born April 28, 1881, in Scotland and died Friday in Westminster while visiting friends. He entered the ministry in 1905 and worked until 1926 as an evangelist in Oregon and Manitoba, Canada,


He was a missionary worker in China from 1926 to 1939 and he went to the Philippines from 1939 to 1945. While in the Philippines, he was a war camp prisoner for several years.


He has resided in California since 1957.  Mr. Jamieson never married, but had many close friends.  In addition to his work in the ministry, he was a published poet.