Willie Jamieson - Gilroy II - 1974

Philippians 2:5-11, I am glad for the privilege of being with you a11 another time.  I missed all the special meetings and all the conventions so far, and you can understand when a person is in such experiences as these, the greater measure of the provision that God has made is missed by that person.  It is always very wonderful to me to hear God‘s people giving their testimonies of what they are experiencing in the world today.  These verses I read to you say, "Let this mind

be in you.”  Many-a-time I have pondered over that part of the statement that Paul wrote.  I have asked myself the question, "What was the experience Jesus was passing through, making Himself of no reputation and taking upon Himself the form of a servant?"  He was found in the form of God and thought it not theft to make Himself equal with God.  That part in the life of Jesus took place in eternity before the world began.  As the Father saw His Son willing to become a servant and serve among men, He made the arrangement, and Jesus became a servant among men.  He was in the form of God, and He was made in the likeness of men.  One of the wonderful things in the Bible is the manifestation of what took place when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea.  The angel said, “Fear not." The multitude of angels came and announced the birth of Jesus into this world.  Some of our men have gotten to the moon and were walking on the moon, and the president phoned them and said that it was the greatest event since the world was made.  It was nothing in comparison to when the angels came and announced the birth of that little baby.  If Jesus had not been willing to become a servant this would never have taken place.  Not one of the religious leaders of that day was prompted to go and find that young child.  Those shepherds were impressed, and they went and saw the little child and Mary and Joseph just as the angels said they would find him.  That is the standard God has given us. Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus.


Furthermore, he humbled Himself and became obedient.  Everyone around Him was living just like the people we rub shoulders with day by day.  Almost everyone is trying to get up and push others down so they can have the place they want.  When I see men and women like they are, it makes me think of a barrel of snakes; in trying to get out, they knock each other down.  This is what the world is like today - snakes in a barrel knocking each other down and taking each others' place.  Jesus humbled Himself and became obedient unto death.  Not long ago, I read about the Pope going to Jerusalem.  He came to the place where Jesus' footsteps were left and got on his knees and kissed the place.  At the end of life everything is going to take place just as God said it would.  Every person who ever lived will one day bow their knees and confess with then lips that Jesus is Lord and Master to the glory of God the Father.  It was easy for people when Jesus was crucified to believe He was an imposter and getting due punishment for His sins.  Now each one will bow their knee and every tongue must confess.  This makes us thankful that the time came into our lives when we voluntarily wanted to bow our knees and make Him Master of our lives, not having to do it at the end at life, but now - by choice.


We would see Jesus.  It is wonderful to think that as we are gathered together the main subject is Jesus of Nazareth.  Although sometimes what was said was hard to take, it was from the heart of God. Jesus humbled Himself when others exalted themselves.  When Jesus went to that death, we understand the price that was paid for our salvation.  You are not your own, you are bought with a price.  I have no more to say this morning except I am thankful to the Lord for the privilege of giving my testimony among you all.  I look back to when I was sick and so many were praying.  I am here today because your prayer moved the heart of God, and He answered your prayer, and we are here with our feet on ”terra firma" with a desire to live only for these things.  As we separate tomorrow may we take something with us that will enable us to live in a way so as to leave a deeper mark on the sands of time than ever before.  This is all and you will have to forgive us for, being able for so little.  I have the one desire as always to keep true and faithful to the wonderful truth God has revealed to us in Christ.