Willie Simm - North Hatley, Quebec, Canada Convention - Saturday Evening, July 4, 1936

John 12:  Mary’s experience is one of the best.  Judas’ experience one of the worst.  Lazarus was dead, but now was risen from the dead and was sitting at Jesus feet.  There is no fellowship between living and the dead. 

Some people make the mistake of just reading one verse and not reading up the connection - who it was spoken to and under what conditions.  There are some who get very low in sin.  There are some who have a form of religion and keep their life clean; but it’s only flesh.  It’s not born of spirit.  When a person is saved, they are buried with God.  There must be a complete surrender and a complete change in course.  The gospels speak of different people who were dead.  The little maid, the widow’s son and then Lazarus.  What God wants to give us is not theory, but new life.  Some people don’t go in for the truth because they are afraid of what man would say.