Willis Crane - The Faithful Few

After the usual greeting, every Sunday in his home

When the elder starts the meeting, in a small or larger room,

You are sure to see the faces, of the Christians who are true,

They are always in their places, for they are the Faithful Few.


No matter if it's hot or cold, or if it's stormy weather,

Or whether they are young or old, they're sure to meet together.

They know a world of sin and strife is what they're passing through,

And need the fellowship through life, of those the Faithful Few.


At the appointed time and place, they've come to meet with God,

They too like others run their race, then sleep beneath the sod.

They're there on time, in tune, in place, and all they say and do,

Assures us by God's help and grace, they are the Faithful Few.


They speak of Jesus' power to save, of those who've gone before,

And of the journey to the grave, of life on the other shore.

They pray that others whom they know, could see the things they view,

And then with heart and soul would go, with them the Faithful Few.


They meet, they speak, they pray, they sing, they glory in Christ's name,

By breaking bread and taking wine, His life and death proclaim.

Their hearts are fed from heaven above, their strength again renewed,

Through life they keep this trust of love, they are the Faithful Few.


And when the meeting's over, they are ready to go home,

For it's with a single motive that together they have come.

They go with prayerful hearts and minds, they purpose to be true,

So glad, so thankful and resigned, to be the Faithful Few.


Will you while yet they live, just drift, through life without a care,

Be with them in the meeting, if convenient to be there?

Or do you go elsewhere instead, have something else to do,

Then miss all that the Lord has said, through these the Faithful Few?


When they are dead and gone will you just miss them from their place,

Forgetting what you ought to do, and all their works of Grace?

Or will you fill the vacant place, with your feet in their shoes,

Appreciate God's love and grace, be of the Faithful Few?