Wilson Reid - Born of God

John 1:13; 2 Peter 1:4; 1 John 2:29; 3:9-10; 5:14-15.  It is a very serious thing to profess to get people born into the family of God, because people get saved in the very best way, or else in the very worst way they get deceived.  We need not think that the devil is spending his strength on the outside world, but he has come inside and will do all in his power to pull down the testimony of Jesus.  The more people he can get into the testimony who are not born of God, the more successful he will be.  The Bible shows at different times that God has been able to raise up a testimony, and every time the devil was successful in tearing it down.  John was one of the oldest apostles and he could see many who had come in that were not born of God.


One thing I fear is lest we should educate people to be right outwardly and yet never be born of him.  It is an easy matter to convince people of the Truth of God, but another thing to make sure they have fully yielded their hearts to the Truth of God.  Some are born of blood because it is natural, the same as it is in the world, for children to follow the same kind of religion as their parents, or may be only the flesh, in that parents would influence their children to profess simply for their sakes.  Then we as workers by human ability could easily persuade people by the will of man to come inside.  The devil has been very successful in deceiving people in these three different ways and therefore John says, “Let no man deceive you.”  I cannot think of anything more cruel than to be deceived in this way.  John makes very clear little evidences that will manifest in people’s lives if they are born again of God.  One of them is, “Whosoever is born of God overcometh the world.”  Peter brings out the same thought, “Becoming partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lusts.”


When we see women that have been professing for years fall victims to the world’s way of dress, or men greedy for gold, we know they are not born of God.  Notice how often John says, “We know.”  It is an awful thing to bring people into the testimony that are not born of God.  I have made up my mind to tell people to their face that I did not believe they were born again.  It would only be a deed of kindness, because it would be an awful thing to make them believe all was well when they could be deceived in the very worst way.  The church of Jesus is built only on what God can reveal to people’s hearts, and after Peter received that revelation in Matthew 16, he received the keys to the kingdom of Heaven to loose and to bind.  It is just as necessary to lock some people out as it is to let others in.  God was able to reveal in Heaven what Peter did on earth.  The devil’s way is to get people inside who will be an attraction for worldly people to step in.  If he can get the women to dress in low necks and short skirts, the world says that is not so bad a religion after all, and would like to identify themselves with it also.  We need not worry so much about outside sinners, if we keep up the standard.  The Lord will add the honest hearts.  Acts 2:47, "The Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.”  Those who are not born of God will not be content but will find room outside.  1 John 2:19, “They went out from us.”


I am afraid there are children of parents in God’s family who will be instruments of the devil in future days, to tear down what we have suffered and labored for so much in building up.  The same is also true in natural things, parents laboring and suffering to lay up for their children, and they spend it in riotous living.  Children must come into the family of God by the same door as their parents, and experience labor and sacrifice on the behalf of others must still be the same.  There is no new way of becoming a member of the human family, neither is there any new way to be born again.


The main thing is to have definite dealing with God, and that is the hardest price—people are so slow to pay it.  There is nothing that costs so much as to get victory in prayer, but I feel it is my only hope to be able to continue on.  Fellowship is what God desires, and I know many times in your life you have had, real fellowship with God.  Don’t worry about all you have done and can do for God, if you have not fellowship with him, it is a curse and an abomination to God.  How much would a true husband care for his wife, if she cooked the dinner and kept the house, but never had a moment of true fellowship with him?


When some brother or sister loses out, do you feel condemned in your heart because of not praying for them as you should have?  I find it is a comparatively easy matter for me to keep my own head above water, but it is a matter of keep other people swimming also.


Three things necessary to know:  to know God, ourselves and the devil.  Some people in John’s day were deceived by the devil in God’s true way, but John could say, “We know.”  And Paul said, “We are not ignorant of his devices.”  Noah’s ark was within and without.  With all kinds of animals inside the ark, there was far more influence at work to corrupt the wood from the inside than from without.  It would suggest that as long as the wood was preserved inside there would not be much chance of waters from the outside coming in.


You cannot teach what you do not know:  You cannot lead where you will not go:  What you do not have you cannot give:  You can’t share a life you will not live.

These notes were sent from an Irish Convention.  Wilson Reid died in Africa in his 87th year.