Winchester - November 2004

Dear Everyone,

Greetings from Winchester. Last week's email was sent from Ngaere where we had a good convention with lots of help. It was noticeable that there were a great number of young folk at the convention - estimates of the proportion ranged from a quarter to a third or thereabouts. It was encouraging to everyone to see so many there, as well as all the other age groups. Heartening too to see the elderly who had struggled to be there and whose joy is still (and more so than ever) in the things of God. There was quite a lot spoken at the convention about marriage, and it was nice to see the appreciation there was from all for the things that were heard. Among the things mentioned was the aspect of fellowship in marriage, and in that connection we heard about God's plan from the beginning to make Man in His image, that it was because He enjoyed so much His fellowship with the Son that He wanted a larger family with which to have the same fellowship. I found that thought helpful, because it helps us to understand what kind of relationship that God desire to have with us, and what kind of communion, and just what is the whole purpose of our existence.

Weather was cold, wet and windy for the earlier part of the convention, but it improved towards the last. After the convention finished on Monday afternoon, I enjoyed travelling to Wanganui with Paul and Jane Gibson, along with John Parish. There we had tea at my cousin Owen Holdaway's home (Jeanette was away helping her mother move into a new abode) I stayed the night there while John went with Paul and Jane. In the morning (yesterday) we had about an hour's drive to Palmerston North where we took a flight to Christchurch. It was nice to be met at the airport by Mum, Ann, Trevor, and Margaret (among others). We went then to Mum's unit for lunch together, which is the first time I have been there. Mum and Dad moved from the family home just about 6 weeks after I left following my previous visit. The later on we all met again at Trevor and Margaret's home for tea together and I stayed there for the night. Today Mum, Ann, and I had lunch together again, once again at Mum's place. She is keeping pretty well, hoping to be down for the convention tomorrow. I came on down today with Jeanette Thornton (England - she wasn't at SA conventions) and 3 of the Masterton staff who were coming south for their convention; Bart Hartemink, June Lammas, Rhonda Gibson.

Desiree is here, and appears to be well. I guess with Elvie here she will be already well caught up on SA news. Nice to be sharing quarters here with Stan Chamberlain who is one of my contemporaries. Staff here seem to be well mostly, although Connie Thompson is not so well perhaps. She is an elderly lady now, but still retains her intense interest in everybody and everything concerning the Kingdom and has her usual bright disposition. We look forward to the convention beginning tomorrow evening and for the help that will be our portion. We are glad we can speak of this with all assurance, for we know our Lord is a bountiful giver and it is His delight to feed and heal His flock. I'll paste in the speaking list below.

In the meantime, greetings to all and I hope that this finds all keeping well and enjoying good days.

All the best from your brother,

Graham T

1st WINCHESTER  November 2004

        10 am                    3 pm                        7.30 pm

T                                                                    Alan Richardson

H                                                                   Nell Vaughan

U                                                                   Violet Watchorn

F     John Parish               Kison Ko                 Graham Thompson

R     Elvie Cronau              Jeanette Thornton     Rebekah Armanath

I      Hetty Last                 Connie Thompson

S    John Parish               Graham Thompson     Stan Chamberlain

A    Violet Watchorn         Nell Vaughan             Olive Reeve

T    Denise Brough            Rhonda Gibson  

S    Kison Ko                    Alan Richardson        Michael Plugge

U    Jeanette Thornton       Elvie Cronau              Hetty Last

N    Rebekah Armanath     Denise Brough  

    9.45 am                     2pm                         Fri, Sat, & Sun

M   Graham Thompson     John Parish               evenings are

O   Olive Reeve                June Lammas            Gospel meetings

N   Bart Hartemink