Workers Meeting Notes

So much depends on us being Workers is vital to the Ministry to talk together of things we all need to know and be reminded of, things down to earth and know that others have faced the same things that we face...There is a lot of opportunity to learn if we are willing to learn.  We can all look back on opportunity missed.  The best we can do is talk together of these things; with lesser experience we are not as well able to take things in.


I Thessalonians 2:10, “Ye are witnesses, and God also, how holy and justly and unblameably we behaved ourselves among you that believe.” Something we need to aim at...Unless we are aiming at this kind of behaviour, we will get nowhere.  Whatever side of the world we are on, there needs to be a united aim.  When difficulties between companions, friends, or difficulties within ourselves arise, we need to know how to behave ourselves.


Colossians 2:5, “Joying and beholding your order.” The Family Order as Workers: It brings great pleasure to God when He sees amongst us as Workers the family order.  If  this order is not amongst us as Workers, as servants, how can it be in God’s people?  We  need men who are fatherly, brotherly, women who are sisterly.  Those who, as young Workers, we look to as fathers, brothers, mothers...those so far removed from us by experience, but so near to us in another sense.  Those who discipline us, but are also understanding, and amongst the younger there is no questioning of what the elder brother said...because of the evidence of the leading of God.  God puts true value on the young Worker and his struggle, but ALL have a place in this.  It is only in later years that we know how to better serve and support the older.  One important thing is to keep down and keep in place.  You may be a person of undoubted ability, but there is NO substitute for experience.  The friends will take correction from an older Worker but not a younger...They know if things are in place or out of place.  It is not good for a younger companion to get out in front of the older.  Take an example from Prince Phillip. Since his marriage to Queen Elizabeth, he has always stayed one step behind...always keeps his place.  If each knows his place, there is the evidence of total unity.


To Younger Workers: Remember when you come to the convention grounds, when you climb into that car you drive...”there is not one thing my generation had to do with providing this.”  From the early days, realize that none of this is to be taken for granted.  It has been  gathered at great price–the sacrifice of others gone before.  It is not to be treated carelessly, indifferently.  The family order is still the best. 


As you get older, you have a greater responsibility to be a father, mother, sister, brother–one the younger are able to talk to–and in confidence.  The generation gap belongs to the world.


Don’t rush the process...There needs to be a going through the grades.  Do not expect to be everything, have everything.  It is not very effective if we try to preach beyond our experience.  If we start weak and small, that is the better way.  The young companion can bring something of heaven into the beginning of the meeting...There can be a humility of mind, something about our demeanor and ministry that can be help to our older companion, giving him a chance to say something...Aim to bring into the meeting something of the atmosphere of heaven.


Inspiring Confidence - We cannot demand respect and confidence.  It is gained by our conduct.  The friends should be able to see certain things in our lives.  There are things for the old and for the young...They expect it and have a right to.  Great ability is not it, but a conduct that commands respect, and we work on it for a long time.  In the homes: don’t try to run people’s affairs or their home...The sooner we take some or our own peculiarities in hand, the better hope there is of doing something about it–bossiness, etc.


We inspire confidence by feeding the Lambs and the Sheep.  When Jesus chose those first men, he didn’t choose great orators, but those who would feed the flock of God.  There is the need for something that comes from the throne of God.  In difficulties in the flock, feed them first.  Sheep know those feeding them, and where it comes from.  Learn to keep Jesus as the focal point of your ministry.  He is the bread of life.  Allow the veterans of old...Moses, Isaiah, lead you to the Christ.


Giving Confidence - Give your confidence first of all to your companion.  We can take the attitude of mind or spirit of withholding support.  Give your support.  Withholding it can bring in a state of paralysis...They need your confidence and support.  When one withholds, it can be a dragging on the one in responsibility.  By giving your confidence, it will add to the strength of the structure.