Yvonne Dubuque - Milltown I Convention - Evening Meeting, Saturday, August 14, 2004

Hymn 18, “The Way of the Cross” 


We all make our choice over and over.  “There’s a destiny to choices.”  We can be grateful for struggles sometimes, too.  The choices we make have an eternal destiny.  Some may go back and still remember when God touched their heart, but only those remember their destiny. 

Matthew 16:24, we have human natures that wee all want to fulfill.  If you don’t take up the cross, you’re not denying self.  Jesus spoke about the straight and narrow way.  The broad way leads to destruction. Enter the gate by faith. 

Those that lose their life will find it (Matthew 16:25).  The life within - that spirit belongs to God.  It’s going back to God for judgment.  What if we were left standing on earth when judgment day comes?  We all want to go with Him.  Unless God has given something like life eternal - there is nothing here on earth.  What could you exchange your eternal life for?  Our choice to Him will be our salvation. 

Yvonne spoke of Hannah…the “lack” in her life.  Sometimes we think we have a reason for staying outside the fold.  She exchanged a gift of her soul for life eternal.  Jesus left the carpentry/security life to guide the sheep - with faith.